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Dongsook Kim (KOR) - January 2020
FEVER (feat. SUPERBEE & BIBI) - J.Y. Park (박진영)
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Intro : 16 Counts - No Tags, No Restarts!!

Sec 1: Step-Kick, Step- Kick, Syncopated Jazz Box, Side Toe Strut, Cross Toe Strut, Pivot 1/8
1&2&Step RF forward(1), Kick LF forward(&), Step LF forward(2), Kick RF diagonal L(&)
3&4&Cross RF over LF(3), Step LF back(&), Step RF to R side(4), Cross LF over RF(&)
5&Touch R toe to R side(Body angle R diagonal)(5), Step R heel down(&)
6&Touch cross LF toe over RF(6), Step L heel down(&)(1:30)
7-8Step RF to R side(7), 1/8 Turn L weight on LF(8)(12:00)
Sec 2: Shake Knees R×2, Heels Swivel R,L, R, L, Walk×2, Pivot ½
1&Step RF to R side with both knees to R (1), Both knees to center(&)
2&Both knees to R(2), Both knees to center(&)
3&Swivel both heels to R(3), Swivel both heels to L(&)
4&Swivel both heels to R(4), Swivel both heels to L(&)
5-8Step RF forward(5), Step LF forward(6), Step RF forward(7), ½Turn L weight on LF(8)(6:00)
Sec 3: R Scissors, L Scissors, Charleston
1&2Step RF to R side(1), Step LF next to RF(&), Cross RF over LF(2)
3&4Step LF to L side(3), Step RF next to LF(&), Cross LF over RF(4)
5-8Kick RF forward(5), Step RF back(6), Touch LF back(7), Step LF forward(8)
Sec 4: Diagonal Shuffle Fwd R, L, ¼ Turn Jazz Box
1&2Step RF forward diagonal R(1), Step LF next to RF(&), Step RF forward on LF(2)
3&4Step LF forward diagonal L(3), Step RF next to LF(&), Step LF forward(4)
5-8Cross RF over LF(5), ¼Turn R with step LF back(6), Step RF to R side(7), Cross LF over RF(8) (9:00)
*Styling during 5-8 Jazz Box with fingers snaps(5&6&7&8&)

Enjoy your dance~!!

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