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I'd Fall in Love

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Beginner waltz
Jo Boocock (NZ) & Bex Roper (NZ) - January 2020
If I Knew Then - Lady A
Buy From Buy From
#24 count intro

Left Cross Rock, Right Cross Rock
1-2-3Cross L over R, rock back on R, Step L by R
4-5-6Cross R over L, rock back on L, Step R by L

Weave Right, ¼ Turn Right, Point, Hold
1-2-3Step L over R, step R to right, Cross L behind R
4-5-6Step R into ¼ to right [3:00], point left out to side, hold 

Step L Back, Point Right, Hold, R Step Back, Left Touch, Left Hook
1-2-3Step L back, R point to right, hold
4-5-6Step R back, touch left toe to right toe, left hook over right

Right Sweep for 2, Twinkle ¼ Turn Right
1-2-3Step L forward, Sweep R forward for two counts
4-5-6Cross R over L, Step L back 1/8 right, Step R 1/8 right [6:00]

Hold: on wall 16 after 12 counts (facing 9:00) pause for 4 counts then continue with remaining 12 counts

Ending (facing 12:00) After 12 counts hold. Last note step back on left ¼ turn to front

Last Update: 18 Jun 2023


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