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Xin Nian

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Lily Kho (INA) - January 2020
Chun feng chui dao ni de jia, MGirls, Angeline
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Sec 1. Touch, Hock across, Fwd Shuffle
1-2Touch fwd on RF, hock across on RF
3&4Step fwrd on RF, Step LF beside RF, step forward on RF
5-6Touch fwd on LF, hock across on LF
7&8.Step fwrd on LF, step RF beside LF, step forward on LF
(Restart on wall 4 after section 1)

Sec 2. Forward recover, Triple 1/2 turn 2x, Rock recover
1-2.Step fwrd on RF, recover on LF
3&4.Triple 1/2 turn right, stepping RF,LF,RF
5&6.Triple 1/2 turn left, stepping LF,RF,LF
7-8.Rock back onto RF, forward on LF

Sec 3. R/L crosswalks, Side, Point
1-2.Cross RF over LF, step LF to left side
3-4Cross RF over LF, point LF to left side
5-6.Cross LF over RF, step RF to right side
7-8Cross LF over RF, point RF to right side

Sec 4. Fwd recover, 1/4 turn right chasse, Cross rock, Side, Touch
1-2.Step fwd om RF, recover on LF
3&4Make 1/4 turn right, step RF to right side, step LG beside RF, step RF to right side
5-6Cross LF over LF, recover on RF
7-8.Step LF to left side, touch RF beside LF

Gong Xie Fa Cai!!!



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