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Forever Two

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Andrés de la Rubia Albertí (ES) - February 2020
Forever to Go - Chase Rice
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[1-8] Rock forward, back, rock side cross, ¾ turn right, anchor step
1&2Rf forward, recover weight Lf, Rf back
3&4Lf side, recover weight Rf, Lf cross over Rf
5-6Rf forward ¼ turn right, Lf back ½ turn right
7&8Rf back, recover weight Lf, recover weight Rf

[9-16] Shuffle back, Rock back 1/8 turn left, Step back, slide, coaster touch
1&2Lf back, Rf beside Lf, Rf back
3&4Rf back, recover weight Lf, 1/8 turn left with touch
5-6Rf back, Lf next Rf
7&8Lf back, Rf next Lf, touch Lf with low hitch

[17-24] Steps forward, touch, ¼ turn diamond, heel grind 3/8 turn, shuffle back
1&2Lf forward, Rf forward, Lf next Rf with low hitch
3&4Lf forward, Rf 1/8 turn left, Lf 1/8 turn left
5-6heel right 1/8 turn right, ¼ turn right on the heel and Lf back (9:00)
7&8Rf back, Lf next Rf, Rf back

[25-32] Sailor step, (L&R), sway, half rumba
1&2Lf behind Rf, Rf right, Lf left
3&4Rf behind Lf, Lf left, Rf right
5-6Lf left (left hips), recover weight right hips
7&8Lf to the left, Rf next Lf, Lf forward

Restart: on the third wall we will replace steps 15 & 16 with coaster step with 1/8 turn left and Restart the dance (12:00)

Enjoy the dance


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