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Get Ready (Partner) to Ride (P) (aka Booze Cruise/Barefoot and Buckwild)

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Partner / Circle
Judi Bisher-Schuler (USA) - February 2020
Partner dance in circle, travel counterclockwise. Side by Side Position.

Barefoot & Buckwild by Lauren Alaina
Booze Cruise by Blackjack Billy [115 bpm] Start dancing on lyrics

Walk forward, forward coaster, walk back, coaster back
1-2Step right forward, step left forward
3&4Step right forward, step left together, step right back
5-6Step left back, step right back
7&8Left coaster step

Two count vines and triples
1-2Step right side, cross left behind
3&4Triple in place right-left-right
5-6Step left side, cross right behind
7&8Triple in place left-right-left

Pivots ½ Turn left, 1/2 turn left, hip sways side
1-2Step right forward, turn ½ left (weight to left)Drop right hands
3-4Step right forward, turn 1/2 left (weight to left) Join right hands when returning to LOD.
5-8Hip right, hip left, hip right, hip left (Can replace 5-8 with applejacks, or be creative)

Side shuffle, rock (lindy) right and left
1&2Chasse’ side right-left-right
3-4Rock back on left, recover to right
5&6Chasse’ side left-right-left
7-8Rock back on right, recover to left


(TAG After wall 3 when dancing to “Barefoot & Buckwild” by Lauren Alaina)
Turning shuffles right and left, rock and recover
1&2Chasse’ forward right-left-right turning ½ left
3-4Rock left back, recover to right
5&6Chasse’ forward left-right-left turning ½ right
7-8Rock right back, recover to left


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