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Love Ain't

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Darren Bailey (UK) - February 2020
Love Ain't - Eli Young Band
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Intro: 16 Counts

Walk, R, L, R Mambo, Walk Back, L, R, L Coaster Step
1-2Step forward on RF, Step forward on LF
3&4Rock forward on RF, Recover onto LF, Step back on RF
5-6Step back on LF, Step back on RF
7&8Step back on LF, Close RF, next to LF, Step forward on LF

Rock, Recover, Step, Rock Recover, Step, 1/2 turn L, 1/4 turn L
1&2Rock RF to R side, Recover onto LF, Step forward on RF
3&4Rock LF to L side, Recover onto RF, Step forward on LF
5-6Step forward on RF, Make a 1/2 turn L
7-8Step forward on RF, Make a 1/4 turn L

Sway, R, L, Chasse R, Sway L, R, Chasse L
1-2Step RF to R side and sway to R, Sway to L
3&4Step RF to R side, Close LF next to RF, Step RF to R side
5-6Step LF to L side and sway to L, Sway to R
7&8Step LF to L side, Close RF next to LF, Step LF to L side

Last Update - 9 May 2020
15 APR '21 50


Sandue February 17, 2020
Wondering why the star count is so low? I like this dance - goes well to the music and I think it will go to a lot of different music. Thanks

Too much fun February 21, 2020
I agree with Sandue....nice dance that will go with a lot of different music, bonus that it is 24 count for the beginners.

NancyH February 23, 2020
Gave it 5 star’s. Great dance and music. Nice change of pace to have a beginner dance instead of so many intermediate/ advanced dances.

dslinedancer February 23, 2020
There are two reasons (BOTH BAD) why people have such low star counts. (1) Someone else has written a dance to the same song, and think by voting so low it may help their dance. The other reason is that the person voting thinks they are above the level of the dance and don't like the fact that it is too easy for them. Like I said...both bad reasons to give a low star count. Darren wrote this dance for beginners!!!! I can see teaching this to them, and they will feel like they are getting it. The second reason is the saddest of all. If you are that insecure and have to basically sabotage a dance by having your friends give it 1 star, you need to move on and take up a new knitting.

Sandue February 23, 2020
Thanks for your information. I vote on how I like the dance and no other reason. It seems so petty when people vote otherwise. Just saying -

Pony Chen February 24, 2020
Very nice dance and music ... I vote 5 stars...

Murphsmum February 24, 2020
I will teach this tonight Darren, are dances include levels from beg through to advanced .No dance snobbery in our class its a 5 star for me Vicky North Wales UK

Pony Chen February 26, 2020

Orangecat October 20, 2020
A great dance to teach beginners. I voted 5 stars.

D'oro December 31, 2021
We are finally back to dancing in Arizona and plan to teach it next week. I love that Darren shares his talent with all levels of appreciated!

650willlow March 8, 2022
When I saw the low star count, I thought it had to be a different dance than what I was looking for... I have only been back to line dancing for about 6 months, after being out of it for 30yrs. I just learned this, and love it. I am definitely getting in to some harder dances now, but that doesnt toss out ant beginners that are fun to good songs.

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