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Drop The Pilot

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Karolina Ullenstav (SWE) - February 2020
Drop the Pilot - Joan Armatrading : (3:41)
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Music: Joan Armatrading: ”Drop The Pilot” (length 3:41). This song was written by Joan herself and released in 1983 on her Album ”The Key”. It reached number 11 in the UK Singles Chart and spent a total of ten weeks in the UK top 40.

Intro 32 counts, BPM 129

Section 1: Point steps forward
1RF step forward (facing 12.00)
2LF point diagonally forward left
3LF point right in front of RF
4LF point left diagonally
5LF step forward
6RF point diagonally forward right
7RF point left in front of LF
8RF point right diagonally

Section 2: Point steps back snapping your fingers (or clapping your hands)
1RF step back
2LF point diagonally back left
3LF step back
4RF point diagonally back right
5RF step back
6LF point diagonally back left
7LF step back
8RF point diagonally back right

Section 3: Monterey with a ¼ turn right x 2
1RF point right
2Turn ¼ right on ball of LF and step RF beside LF ending with weight on RF (facing 03.00)
3LF point left
4LF step beside RF
5RF point right
6Turn ¼ right on ball of LF and step RF beside LF ending with weight on RF (facing 06.00)
7LF point left
8LF step beside RF

Section 4: Side steps right and then a full turn left to the side
1RF step right
2LF step beside RF
3RF step right
4LF touch beside RF
5Turn ¼ left stepping LF forward
6Turn ½ left stepping RF back
7Turn ¼ left stepping LF left (facing 06.00)
8RF touch beside LF

Have Fun and enjoy this great song from the 80 ’s and try to sing along! Fantastic lyrics!
Thank you Joan Armatrading! Great work! ❤️

Last Update – 22 Feb. 2020 – R2


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