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Coconut Tree

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Ronny Palerud Larsen (NOR), Daniel Trepat (NL) & Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - June 2011
Dance starts after 32 counts when the heavier beat kicks in

Step side, Together, Step side, Together, Walk fwd R L R L with shimmy shoulders
1RF Step to right side
2LF Step together
3RF Step to right side
4LF Step together
5RF Walk forward
6LF Walk forward
7RF Walk forward
8LF Walk forward
On count 5 to 8 also doing shimmy shoulders

Step side, Hitch, ¼ turn L, Step side, Hitch, 3x Bumps or Hip rolls, ¼ turn L with a flick
1RF Big step to right side
2LF Hitch
&¼ turn left
3LF Big step to left side
4RF Hitch
5RF Step to right side & bump to right
6Bump to right again
7Bump to right again
8LF ¼ turn left stepping next right and flicking the RF back
On 5 to 7 you can also do hip rolls

Walk fwd R & L, 2x ½ turning shuffle L, Cross, Rockstep
1RF Walk forward
2LF Walk forward
3RF ¼ turn left stepping to right side
&LF Step next to RF
4RF ¼ turn left stepping back
5LF ¼ turn left stepping to left side
&RF Step next to LF
6LF ¼ turn left stepping forward
7RF Cross over LF
&LF Step slightly to left side
8RF Recover weight

Cross, Rockstep ¼ turn L, Kick switches, Pivot turn, Hip movement
1LF Cross over RF
&RF Step slightly to right side
2LF ¼ turn left stepping forward
3RF Kick forward
&RF Recover
4LF Kick forward
&LF Recover
5RF Step forward
6LF ½ turn left stepping forward
7RF Step to right side (move hips to right)
8LF Recover weight (move hips to left)

Start again and don’t forget to smile 


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