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Easy Intermediate
Peirina Svensson (SWE) & Emma Johansson (SWE) - March 2020
Bulletproof - Dotter
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Intro: 32 counts

Sec 1. R Mambo, Sailor turn ½ left, Lockstep R forward, Jump forward L touch R, Jump forward R touch L
1 & 2Rock fwd on R, recover back on L, step back on R
3 & 4Cross L behind R ½ L, step R beside L, step L fwd
5 & 6R foot fwd, lock with L foot behind R, and step R foot fwd
&7 & 8Jump fwd with L foot and touch R foot beside L foot, Jump fwd with R foot and touch L foot beside R foot

Sec2. Chasse L, Slide ¼ turn , Slide ¼ turn, Cross and Heel and Heel and Step
1& 2Step L foot to left side, step R foot beside L, Step L foot to the left
3 4Make ¼ to Left and slide with R foot to R side, Make ¼ turn to L Slide with L foot to Left
5&6Cross R foot over L foot step L foot to left side, tap R heel fwd
& 7 & 8step R foot beside L, tap L heel fwd, step R foot beside L, and take a Big step fwd with R foot fwd

Sec 3. Rock ¼ turn and cross, Sway R Sway L , Behind sweep, Cross shuffle L
1&2Step fwd on L foot, turn ¼ to R, cross L over R
3 4Sway R hip to R side, Sway L hip to L side
5 6 &Step R foot behind L, sweep L foot fwd and back, step L foot behind R foot
7 & 8 &step on R foot, Cross L foot over R step R to R side Cross L foot over R

Sec 4. Turn ¼ R back, turn ½ L , Lock step forward on R, Rock step, Ballstep, Step turn ¼ L
1 2Make ¼ to L step back on R , make ½ turn L step fwd on L
3 & 4Step R foot fwd lock L foot behind R foot, step R foot fwd
5 6Rock L foot fwd and recover onto R foot
&7 8step L foot beside R, step R foot Fwd and make a ¼ turn to L

* Tag: After wall 6 ( Facing 6 a´clock )
1 2Sway R Sway L

Have fun, Smile and just dance :-)


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