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Shine For Shannon

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Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - March 2020
I Believe - Yolanda Adams : (Album: Honey Soundtrack)
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#64 Count Intro

Restart on Wall 2 (after 8 counts), and Wall 6 (after 16 counts)

(1-8) Step Diagonal, Clap Touch, Repeat, Walk Back x 4
1,2Step R forward to diagonal (1:30), Clap while touching L beside R
3,4Step L forward to diagonal (10:30), Clap while touching R beside L
5,6Step back R (6:00), Step back L
7,8Step back R, Step back L
*Restart here on Wall 2

(9-16) Stomp Forward R x 2, Stomp Forward L x 2
1,2Stomp R forward, Repeat
3,4Stomp L forward, Repeat
5,6Step R forward making ¼ turn L (9:00)
7,8Step R forward making ¼ turn L (6:00)
*Restart here on Wall 6

(17-24) Out, Out, In, In, Repeat
1,2Step R out to R diagonal (push both hands up R), Step L out to L diagonal (push both hands up L)
3,4Step R back (rolling fists in front of you), Step L back (rolling fists in front of you)
5,6Repeat Counts 17,18
7,8Repeat Counts 19,20

(25-32) Slide Forward Diagonal, Heel Bounce x 2, Repeat
1,2Step R forward diagonal (7:30), Step L beside R
3,4Lift both heels off the floor and bounce heels twice
5,6Step L forward diagonal (4:30), Step R beside L
7,8Lift both heels off the floor and bounce heels twice

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Debbi August 2, 2020
Just saw this on the Spanish Ballroom video of the virtual 2020 World Dance Masters. Thanks Fred for a dance to perfect music honoring your cousin! Plan to teach the dance & share the backstory whenever classes start again here in Sacramento, California.

S. K. August 2, 2021
Nice song, dance and purpose I’ll introduce to my students this week. Enjoyed the 2021 WDM workshop.

Mariancl December 11, 2021
Diferente música ...mis alumnas ya la bailan.. facilita para los que comienzan ☺️enhorabuena 👏

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