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Stop Right Now

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Wina (INA) - February 2020
Stop - Spice Girls
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Start dance after 32 count

S1. Walk Forward - Kick - Walk Back - Touch
1 - 2Step R Forward, Step L Forward
3= 4 Step R Forward, Kick L forward
5 - 6Step L Backward, Step R Backward
7 - 8Step L Backward, Touch R Beside L

S2. Full Turn - Grapevine
1 - 2Turn 1/4 R Step R Forward, Turn 1/2 R Step Back on L
3 - 4Turn 1/4 R Step R to R Side, L Touch to L Side
5 - 6Side L to Side, Cross R Behind L
7 - 8Step L to Side, Touch R Beside L

S3. V Step ( 2x )
1- 2Step R Diagonal Forward, Step L Diagonal Forward
3 - 4Step R Back to Centre, Close L to R
5 - 6Step R Diagonal Forward, Step L Diagonal Forward
7 - 8Step R Back to Centre, Close L to R

S4. Toe Strut - Pivot ½ L - Turn ¼ L
1 - 2Step R Forward Touch , Step R drop
3 - 4Step L Forward Touch, Step L Drop
5 - 6Step R Forward, Turn ½ to L, Step L Forward
7 - 8Step R Forward, Turn ¼ to L, Step L To Side

Noted : Restart on wall 10 after 16 count


Sandue March 20, 2020
I really like this dance and will be teaching it to my class here in The Villages, Florida. It goes to so much music and teaches some good steps for beginners. Thank you for a great dance (and the videos).

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