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Can't Take My Eyes Off You

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Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - March 2020
Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Boys Town Gang
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**2 tags- 1 after wall 5, and after wall 10.

Walk, walk, shuffle forward, rock forward recover, shuffle back.
1RF walk forward.
2LF walk forward.
3&4RF forward , LF closes RF, RF forward.
5,6LF rock forward, RF recover weight.
7&8LF step backwards, RF closed LF. LF step backwards.

Right Too touch backwards ¼ turn right, montairy turn ¼ or right.
1touch RF too backwards.
2¼ turn right, weight on RF.
3,4LF touch left, LF closes RF.
5RF touch right.
6¼ turn right, weight on RF.
7,8LF touch left, LF closes RF.

Rock forward recover, coaster step, rock forward recover, coaster step
1,2RF rock forward, recover weight LF.
3&4RF backwards, LF closes RF, RF step forward.
5,6LF rock forward, recover weight RF.
7&8LF backwards, RF closes LF, LF step forward.

¼ right turn jazz box, hip rolls.
1RF crosses in front LF
2¼ turn right, LF step backwards.
3RF step right.
4LF step forward.
5RF right, while doing this roll right hip right
6LF closes RF while doing this roll left hip left
7Roll right hip right,
8Roll left hip left.

Tag, 4 counts, Hands in the air and wave like you just don’t care.

Start again.

1 AUG '20 50


Colin Ghys April 7, 2020
good dance, done at my live 9

Pony Chen May 26, 2020

Alice37 July 13, 2020
Good dance, but where can I buy the song that's not nine minutes long?

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