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Four Little Diamonds

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Heather Gronow (UK) - March 2020
Four Little Diamonds - Electric Light Orchestra
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Intro 32 counts

Section 1: Walk fwd R L R, Swivel heels, Walk back R L , Right Coaster cross
1 2 3&4Walk fwd Right Left Right, swivel both heels to right side and back to centre
5 6 7&8 Walk back Right Left, Right tog with Left, cross R over left

Section 2 : Vine Left, touch, Right Kick Ball cross, Sway sway
1 2 3 4Step L to left side, cross R behind, Step L to left side, Touch right toe to left foot
5&6 7 8Kick R fwd, Step R in place, cross L over right, Step R to right side and sway hips R, L, bringing weight back onto left

Section 3 : Sailor ¼, Shuffle fwd, Full turn (option walk RL), shuffle fwd
1&2 3&4Cross R behind left, step L to side, Step R to right side making ¼ turn to right, shuffle fwd LRL
5 6 7&8Step fwd R making ½ turn to left, step back onto L making ½ turn left (option walk fwd R L) Shuffle fwd R L R

Section 4 : Rock fwd, rec. Back lock back,Step back tog, Kick Ball Step
1 2 3&4Rock fwd on L, rec on R, Step back L, lock R over left, Step back onto L
5 6 7&8Step back on R step L tog, Kick R fwd step R in place, step fwd on L

Section 5: Rock fwd, rec, Back lock back, Point behind unwind ½ turn, Step pivot ¼ turn
1 2 3&4Rock fwd on R, rec on L, , Step Back R, lock L over right, step back R
5 6 7 8Point L toe behind, Unwind making ½ turn to left (weight on L) Step fwd on R, pivot ¼ turn to left bringing weight onto left
Section 6: Cross Point, Cross back, L coaster step, walk R L
1 2 3 4Cross R over left, Point L to left side, Cross L over right, step back on R
5&6 7 8Step back L tog with right, step fwd L, walk fwd R L

Section 7 : Rock fwd rec, Shuffle ¼ to right, Cross Back, Coaster Step
1 2 3&4Rock fwd on R rec on L, Step1/4 R to right side, tog with L,Step R to right side
5 6 7&8Cross L over right, Step back R Step back L tog with right, step fwd L
End of sequence

Tag 1: 12 counts after wall 3 facing 3o'clock
Walk fwd RLRL, 4 times paddle ¼
1 – 12walk fwd R L R L,* step fwd R ¼ turn to left bring weight onto L (repeat turn *3 times)

Tag 2 : 16 counts after wall 5 facing 9 o'clock
4 times Paddle ¼, Cross Point Cross point , Cross back Rock Back fwd
1-8* step fwd R ¼ turn to left bring weight onto L (repeat turn *3 times)
9- 16Cross R over left, Point L to left, Cross L over right, Point R to right, Cross R over, Step back on L, Rock back on Right, rock fwd on L


Tel: Heather 07790184754
Facebook: Burning Boots Linedancers


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