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KH Loh (MY) - April 2020
Tag 4c ( R Rocking Chair ) – End of Wall 10

Intro: 32c ( Start dance when hearing “ Do, do…“ )

Sec 1 Skate RL, Shuffle diagonally R Fwd, Skate LR, Shuffle diagonally L Fwd
1 2Step R diagonal R Fwd, Step L diagonal L Fwd
3 & 4Shuffle Diagonally R Fwd - RLR
5 6Step L diagonal L Fwd, Step R diagonal R Fwd
7 & 8Shuffle Diagonally L Fwd - LRL
Sec 2 R Cross, Recover, Chasse R with ¼ turn R, ½ turn R, ¼ turn R, L Cross & Cross
1 2Cross R over L, Recover onto L
3 & 4Step R to R, Step L next to R, ¼ turn R, R Fwd
5 6½ turn R Step L back, ¼ turn R Step R to R
7 & 8Cross L over R, Step R to R, Cross L over R

Sec 3 Side Rock, Behind ¼ L Fwd, R Fwd, L Fwd, ½ R, Hook R, R Fwd Shuffle
1 2Step R to R, Recover onto L
3 & 4Step R Behind L, Step L Fwd with ¼ turn L, Step R Fwd
5 6Step L Fwd, ½ turn R, Hook R ( 3:00 )
7 & 8R Fwd Shuffle – RLR

Sec 4 L Cross & Cross & Cross, Step R Back with ¼ turn L, ¼ L, Kick Ball Step
1 2Cross L over R, Step R to R,
3 & 4Cross L over R, Step R to R, Cross L over R
5 6¼ turn L Step R Back, ¼ turn L Step L Fwd
7 & 8Kick R Fwd, Step back R next to L, Step L Fwd


Recommended Ending – W15 dance Sec 1 + Ending ( Step R Fwd, P ½ trurn L, R Cross L, Pose.)



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