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The CowBoi Boogie

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Big Mucci (USA) - April 2020
Start dance after 32 counts
[1-8] Side Walks Right and Left
1-4Step right foot out right, step left foot beside right, step right foot out, step left foot beside right
5-8Step left foot out left, step right foot beside left, step left foot out left, step right foot beside left.

[9-16] Side Recovers with Right Foot Syncopations
1-4Step right foot out right and step back closed to left, step left foot out left and step back closed to right
5-8Step right foot up 5 and back beside left 6&(slight hesitation), stomp right foot beside left 7,8
[17-24] Rocking Cha Cha's with Step Turn
1-4Step right foot forward and cha cha or shuffle 1&2, step turn right 180° and rock recover 3,4
5-8Reverse it! Step left foot forward cha cha or shuffle 3&4, step turn left 180° and rock recover 7,8

[25-32] Stationary Jazz Box, Turning Jazz Box
1-4Cross right foot over left and rock back and recover weight on left foot, replace right foot beside left 3, replace weight on left foot 4
5-8Turn jazz box to the left. Step turn left 90° by crossing right foot over left 5, and pivot on the ball of the left foot, recover weight on left foot 6, replace right foot beside left 7, replace weight on left 8
Repeat to completion of music

Step sheet written by Bubba Carl Williams
Follow Big Mucci on all social media sites @bigmucci

Last Update: 28 Apr 2023


bogey June 26, 2022
I believe the teach of this dance by Big Mucci is the way it was choreographed. I do not read the step sheet as grapevines or walks. Who is correct??

CeeCee August 25, 2023
When I watch Big Mucci dancing section 2, the 2 stomps at the end of that section are on counts &8, not 7,8 as stated on the step sheet.

mrssno February 7, 2024
Suppose side steps(R step together, step touch) then L

(5) Kick (6) Stomp (7) Hold (&8 )Stomp, Stomp

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