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Not 20 Anymore

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Rhoda Lai (CAN) - March 2020
Not 20 Anymore - Bebe Rexha : (iTunes)
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Intro: 12 counts
Note: Restart on Wall 3***

S1: R Back-sweep, L Behind-side-cross, R Side-rock-cross, L Side, ¼ R, L Twinkle, Run RLR for ½ L, L Step-hitch ⅜ L
1Step back R sweeping L from front to back
2&aStep L behind R, step R to the side, cross L over R
3&aRock R to R side, recover onto L, cross R over L
4Take a big step L to L side dragging R towards L
(Optional: with R arm out, slide L hand from R wrist up to R shoulder and all along to L shoulder on the lyrics- “Skin”)
***Restart here during Wall 3
5¼ R stepping forward R while sweeping L from back to front (3:00)
6&aCross L over R, step R to the side, step L in place
7&aRun on a curve R, L , R for ½ L (9:00)
8Step forward L hitching R for another ⅜ L (4:30)

S2: R Forward Rock, ¼ R lunge R, Point L, Rolling 1¼ L, Jazz box ⅛ R, Prissy Walks L R
12a3Rock fwd R, recover onto L, ¼ R lunging R, point L to L side prepping for a L turn (7:30)
4a5¼ L stepping fwd L, ½ L stepping back R, ½ L stepping fwd L while sweeping R from back to front (4:30)
6&aCross R over L, ⅛ R stepping back L, step R to R side (squaring back to 6:00) (6:00)
7 8Walk forward L slightly crossing over R, walk forward R slightly crossing over R

S3: ½ R, R Sailor ¼ L, L Back-hitch, R Behind-¼ L-Fwd, Tuck L, unwind ¾ L, Sweep R, Cross R, Sway L, ¼ R
1½ R stepping back L while sweeping R from front to back (12:00)
2&aStep R behind L, ¼ L stepping L to side, step R to R side
3Step L behind R hitching R from front to back (9:00)
4&aStep R behind L, ¼ L stepping forward L, step forward R (6:00)
567Lock L behind R, Unwind ¾ L sweeping R from back to the front, cross R over L (9:00)
8aRock L to L side swaying upper body to the L, recover onto R while turning ¼ R (12:00)

S4: (Cross Mambo) X 2, L Fwd, Pivot ½ R, ½ R Pencil, Back R L, R Toe Back, Unwind ½ R, Back R L
1&aCross L over R, recover onto R, step L beside R
2&aCross R over L, recover onto L, step R beside L
3a4Step forward L, pivot ½ R, make another ½ R on the ball of R stepping L beside R (12:00)
56Step back R (pushing R hand forward at shoulder level as to “Stop”), step back L
a7Touch R toe back, unwind ½ R with weight on L (6:00)
8aStep back R, step back L

***Restart: on Wall 3, restart the dance after count 4 facing 12:00
***Ending: At the end of Wall 6, touch R toe back, unwind ½ R to face 12:00

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