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Nice to See You

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Colin Jeffery, Vera Sweetman & Julie Talbot (AUS) - May 2020
Nice To See You - Michelle Little : (iTunes)
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Choreography Commissioned by Michelle Little

Sheet Written by Helen Ng.
Music :

Original Position: feet together weight on left foot
#16 Count Intro

[1-8] Triple step, Back , Recover, Triple step, Back , Recover
1&2Triple step R-L-R
3, 4Step L Back, step R Fwd
5&6Triple step L-R-L
7, 8Step R Back, step R Fwd

[9-16] K Step: Fwd, Touch, Back, Touch , Back, Touch, Fwd, Touch
1, 2Step R fwd at 45 degree R, Touch L together
3, 4Step L Back at 45 degree L, Touch R together
5, 6Step R Back at 45 degree R, Touch L together
7, 8Step L Fwd at 45 degree L, Touch R together

[17-24] Vine R, 1/2Turn R Hitch L, Vine L, Touch
1, 2Step R to R Side, Step L Behind R
3, 4Step R to The Side, ½ Turn R, Hitch L knee
5, 6Step L to L Side, Step R Behind L
7, 8Step L to L Side, touch R Together

[25-32] ¾ Diamond Turn
1, 2Step R to R Diagonal (1/8 R), Touch L together
3, 4Turn ¼ R Stepping L Back, Touch R together
5, 6Turn ¼ R Stepping R Fwd, Touch L together
7, 8turn 1/8 R Stepping L side, Touch R together

***3 Restarts: Walls 2, 5 & 8. Dance to 16 Beat then restart

1,2,3,4Triple step R…rock L back & take a curtsy to the front

Colin Jeffery
Vera Sweetman.
Julie Talbot


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