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On My Way

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Åsa Gustafsson (SWE) - May 2020
Måns Zelmerlöv: On My Way
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Count in 16 ( after second wissle)

Restart wall on 4 at 9 o`clock after 8 counts

TAG: 28 count Tag at wall 8: 6 o`clock: after 8 counts
[1-8]: R rock & coasterstep. L rock & coasterstep
1,2 3&4 Step fwd on R weight back on left. Step back on R, L beside R, step R fwd
5,6 7&8 Step fwd on L weight back on R. Step back on L, R beside L, step fwd on L

[9-16]: walk arond to the R 8 counts back to 6 o`cklock
1-8start walking on R & ends on L ( singing keep on walking)

1,2 3&4R rock & coasterstep.
5,6 7&8L rock & coasterstep ( same as step 1-8)
[25-28]: stepturn L to 12 o`clock Stepturn L to 6 o`clock
1,2 Step fwd on R turn ½ turn L, 3,4: step fwd on R turn ½ turn L
Restart after the Tag & dance wall 9 up to count 29, finish at 12 o`clock, he stops singing

[1-8]: Lock step R & L
1,2, 3&4 Step fwd on R, lock L behind R, fwd on R, lock L behind R & fwd on R
5,6, 7&8 Step fwd on L, lock R behind L, fwd on L, lock R behind L & fwd on L
*restart at wall 4, 9 o`clock
*tag at wall 8, 6 o`clock & restart and last wall to finnish.

[9-16]: Cross rock chassè R & L
1,2 3&4 Step R across L, weight back on L. Step R to R & L beside R, stepping R to R
5,6 7&8 Step L across R, weight back on R. Step L to L & R beside L, stepping L to L

[17-24]: R point across L & to R side. R sailor turn ¼ R (3) . L cross rock, side rock, behind side cross
1,2 3&4 Point with R toe across L, Point R toe out to R side. Cross R behind L, make ¼ turn R stepping L beside R, step fwd on R
5&6&7&8 Rock L slightly across R, recover on R, Rock L to L side, recover on R, step L behind R & step R to R side , L slightly across R.

[25-32]: Vine R ¼ turn R (6), Walk around ¾ (singing keep on walking) R to (3)
1,2,3,4 Step R to R side, L behind R, turn ¼ R stepping R, L fwd
5,6,7,8 Walk R, L, R, L

End of dance. If you wan`t to do it easy, skipp restarts and the tagg

Dance, sing & have fun


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