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Easy Goin

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John Sandham (ES) - May 2020
Easy Goin - Clay Walker
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Rock Side Recover Cross Shuffle - Rock Side Recover Cross Shuffle
1-2Rt rock to side - Recover weight on Lt foot
3&4Cross Rt foot over Lt - step Lt to Side - Cross Rt foot over Lt.
5-6Lt Rock to side -Recover weight on Rt foot
7&8Cross Lt foot over Rt - step Rt to side - Cross Lt foot over Rt.

Box Rt side Shuffle Fwd - Lt side Shuffle Bk
1-2Rt step side - Lt slide beside Rt.
3&4Rt step Fwd-slide Lt behind Rt - Rt step Fwd.
5-6Lt step Side - Rt slide beside Lt.
7&8Lt step Bk-Slide Rt to Lt foot -Step Lt Bk.

Rock Fwd Recover ½ turn - Rock Bk Recover Toe Strut
1-2Rt Rock Fwd - Lt Recover Bk
3&4Rt ½ turn to Rt on Rt - Lt - Rt .
5-6Lt Rock Bk - Rt Recover Fwd
7-8Lt toe step Fwd - Lt heel step down.

Cross Side Heel Together - Cross Side Heel Together
1-2Rt Cross over Lt - Lt step to side
3-4Rt Heel tap Fwd (no weight) -Rt Bk in place
5-6Lt Cross over Rt - Rt step to side
7-8Lt heel tap Fwd ( no weight) -Lt Bk in place

Jazz box ¼ turn Kick ball Change Stomp Stomp
1-2Rt cross over Lt - Lt step Bk
3-4Rt step ¼ to Rt -Lt step beside Rt
5&6Rt kick fwd-Rt foot step beside Lt -Change weight to Lt.
7-8Rt Stomp - Rt Stomp.

Step Slide Cross Hold - Turn Turn Turn hold.
1-2Rt step to side - Lt slide beside Rt
3-4Rt step across Lt - hold for 1 count
5-8Lt make a ¾ turn to the Rt on Lt-Rt-Lt - Hold for 1 Count

Restart ! on the end of wall 2 facing 6 oclock do the first 16 counts
Then start over from the beginning


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