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On Me

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Absolute Beginner
Sherry Kemp (USA) - May 2020
Rain On Me - Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande : (amazon)
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(Chromatica Lady Gaga VEVO on Youtube)

Alternative music:
Philosophy by Baio (Man of the World) 2:56 BPM 115
Hangover by Charlotte OC 3:38 BPM 97

Intro: 10 sec in, start on lyrics “ time”
No Tags Or Restarts

(1-8) Forward right and left side touches, back right and left side touches (all with fist rolls)
1,2Step forward R, L touch
3,4Step L left, step R touch
5,6Step R back right, L touch
7,8Step L left, R touch
( Fists roll on same count toward the side, up on forward, downward on back)

(1-8) V step, hip rolls left to right (Side angled hip rolls are optional )
1,2Step R diagonally right, step L diagonally left
3,4Step R back center, L back
5,6Hip roll left
7,8Hip roll right

(1-8) Vine right 1/4 turn right, vine left with touch
1,2,3,4Step R right, step L behind R, step R 1/4 turn right, L brush
5,6,7,8Step L left, step R behind L, L left, R touch

(1-8) Left, right, right, left turning step touches (Sharp turn styling )
1,2Step R forward turning left, L touch
3,4Step L back turning right, R touch
5,6Step R back turning right, L touch
7,8Step L forward turning left, R touch

(Finish option) To end at 12:00, on the third wall of third rotation on count six touch facing 12:00 do not turn, step L, hold, point right and present on 8 of the last 8 counts on words “On Me”.
Please copy in full original format with no alterations.
Last Update - 26 May 2020


Cindyo May 28, 2020
Fun dance and energetic!

Stayin Alive June 2, 2020
Nice dance!

S. K. June 4, 2020
Thank you Cindyo and Stayin Alive!

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