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Oh Diana

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Eun Hee Yoon (KOR) - May 2020
Diana - Paul Anka
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Intro: 32 counts

Sec. 1) R Vine Step, Cross, R Rock, Recover, Behind, Side
1-4 Step R to R side(1), Step L behind R(2), Step R to R side(3), Step L cross over R(4)
5-8 Rock step R to R side(5), Recover step L(6), Step R behind L(7), Step L to L side(8)

Sec. 2) R Forward, 1/2L Turn, L Forward, R Touch, R Forward, 1/2L Turn, L Forward, R Touch
1-2 Step R forward(1), 1/2L turn & bring step L next to R(2) (weight onto RF) (6:00)
3-4 Step L forward (3), Touch step R next to L(4)
5-6 Step R forward(5), 1/2L turn & bring step L next to R(6) (weight onto RF) (12:00)
7-8 Step L forward(7), Touch step R next to L(8)

Sec. 3) Side Rock, Recover, Behind, Side Rock, Recover, Behind, Side, Forward
1-3 Rock step R to R side(1), Recover step L(2), Step R behind L(3)
4-6 Rock step L to L side(4), Recover step R(5), Step L behind R(6)
7-8 Step R slightly to R side(7), Step L forward(8)

Sec. 4) Toe Strut (R, L), (1/4L Paddle Turn) x 2
1-2 Touch step R toe forward(1), Step R heel down(2) (shoulder shimmy)
3-4 Touch step L toe forward(3), Step L heel down(4) (shoulder shimmy)
5-6 Step R forward(5), Pivot 1/4L turn(6) (weight onto LF) (9:00)
7-8 Step R forward(7), Pivot 1/4L turn(8) (weight onto LF) (6:00)

Restart: ( 3, 6 )wall after 16 counts : 12:00



Hann21921 May 25, 2020
Fabulous dance. Wonderful choice of song. Many thanks for sharing.

EunHee May 26, 2020
Thank you so much Hann

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