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SP's Mojito

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Melody Lee (TW) - June 2020
Mojito - Jay Chou (周杰倫)
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Restart(after Wall 4,only dance 8count) 2Tags

*I would like to dedicate this dance to my enthusiastic lively Shao-Po(my close crazy dance sisters)n wish friendships forever.

S1: Back, 1/4Turn step side+point,1/4Turn step+flick ,fwd lock fwd,1/2Turn,Back Together
1 2 3Step L back(1)Turn 1/4 R step R side+ L point (2) Turn 1/4 L step L fwd+R flick(3)12h
4&5Step R fwd (4) Step L lock behind R(&) Step R fwd(5)
6 7Step L fwd (6) Turning 1/2 right n weight on L (7) 6h
8&Step R back (8) Step L next to R (&) Restart:Wall4 + Tag1,then restart
*Tag1:facing 3h, Step R fwd, Hold(1 2)Step L fwd,Hold(3 4)Step R fwd(5)Turn 1/4 right Rock L to L,Recover to R,Cross L over R(6&7) Step R to the right(8)

S2: Step fwd ,In-In Side,In-In Side,Back rock ,Side Together 1/4Turn
1 2&3Step R fwd(1) Step L next to R(2)Step R in place(&)Step L to L(3)
4&5Step R next to L(4) Step L in place(&) Step R to R(5)
6 7Step L back behing R (6) Recover to R(7)
8&1Step L side(8) Close R to L(&) Turn1/4 L step L fwd(1)3h
S3: 1/2Turn,1/4Turn R chasse, Hold,Together ,Side rock R
2 3 4&5Step R fwd(2) Turning 1/2 L weight on L (3)Turn1/4 L chasse to R(4&5)6h
6&7 8Hold , Step L close to R(6&) Rock R to R,Recover to L (7 8)

S4: Rocking chair, 1/4Turn Rocking chair ,Step fwd , Fwd Rock
1 2 3 4Rock R fwd (1) Recover to L (2) Rock R back (3) Recover to L R (4)6h
5&6&7Turning1/4 L: Rock R fwd (5) Recover to L(&) Rock R back(6)Recover to L(&)4)Step R fwd(7)3h
8&Rock L fwd(8) Recover to R(8)3h Note:at Wall 5 ,No turning on 5&6&7, then Close L(8)12h

*Tag 2: Funky part(After wall 5,facing12h) just like Jay Chou & Dancers do Or you can still dance Melody’s choreographed steps all the way
1 2 3&4Step R to R diagonally(1) Step L to L diagonally(2) Side shuffle to right diagonally (3&4)1:30h
5 6 7&8Step L to L diagonally(5) Step R to R diagonally(6) Side shuffle to left diagonally (7&8)10:30h
1 2 3&4Low kick R +Turn1/4 Step R fwd (1) Step L next to R ( 2) Shake shoulders(3&4) 1:30h
5&6&7&8&Turn1/8 L Step R shuffle fwd(5&6)Step F fwd,Touch R(&7)Step R back,Close L(&8)Yeah(&)

1&2&3&4&Kick R & Back rock(1&2&) Kick L & Back rock(3&4&)
5&6&7&8&Kick R & Back rock(5&6&) Kick L & Back rock(7&8&)
1&2 3 4Kick R,Step R ,Lock L behind(1&2) Unwind full turn L (3 4)
5&6Step R to right side,Step L behind R,Recover to R(5&6)
&7 8&Step L to left side, Touch R behind L (& 7) Hold, R side ball (8&)

Last Update – 19 June 2020


kitty juang June 17, 2020

Janet Nini June 21, 2020
the choreography coincides perfectly with the music! love it!

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