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The Jam

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Codi Babcock (USA) - June 2020
The Jam - The Cadillac Three
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Intro – 16 counts (start on vocals)
Tags: 4 (walls 2, 4, 6 & 9)

(1-8) Side rock recover R, cross and cross, ¼ turn L rock recover body roll, ¼ turn R, behind side step ¼ turn R
1-2Rock on R foot to the R recover on L
3&4Traveling L cross R over L, hop to L foot pushing L, then transfer weight back to R foot
5-6¼ turn L, step out on L foot recover on R (optional body roll)
7&8Step L foot behind R, ¼ turn R, step out on R foot, ¼ turn L step forward on L foot (weight on L)

(9-16) Rock recover L body roll, ¼ turn R, shuffle R, ¼ turn R, half turn back on R, L coaster step
1-2Rock on R foot recover on L
3&4¼ turn R weight on R foot, step L foot to R foot, step R foot out ¼ turn R
5-6Step forward on L foot, half turn stepping back with R foot (weight on R)
7&8Step L foot back, step R foot next to L, step forward on L foot (weight on L)

(17-24) R lock step, L lock step, step forward on R, half turn to L, walk forward on R foot then L foot
1&2step forward on R foot, lock L foot behind R, step R foot out (weight on R)
3&4step L out, lock R foot behind L, step L foot out
5-6step forward on R foot, ½ turn to the L (weight forward on L foot)
7-8step forward on R foot, step forward on L foot

(25-32) Step forward on R, ½ turn to the L, step out on R ¼ turn with a slide, R sailor step, L sailor with ½ turn to the L
1-2step forward on R foot, half turn to the L (weight forward on L foot)
3-4step out on R foot with a slide and ¼ turn to the L (end with weight on L foot)
5&6R foot steps behind L, L foot steps out to the L, R foot steps out to the R (weight on R foot)
7&8L foot steps behind R, R foot steps forward, ½ turn to the L stepping forward on L foot (weight on L foot)

Tags are on walls 2, 4, 6 and 9.
On walls 2, 4 and 9 you will stomp for 4 counts as soon as you turn to face that wall (you will hear the break in the music) before starting the dance (It is encouraged to add your own styling to these tags.)

On wall 6 there is a 16 count bridge where you will do 4, 4 count, jazz boxes turning slowly to the L (cross R foot over L, step back on L, step R foot to right, step L foot to L making a ¼ turn L to start the next jazz box) until you make a complete turn to face wall 6 where you will start the dance. You will start this tag as soon as you turn to face wall 6. Just like the other 3 tags.

I choregraphed this dance to make it easy to add in your own styling and flair so please make this dance your own! This is a high energy, super fun song performed by an incredible band. Have as much fun as you can with this one!



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