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Three Margarita Shot

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Deanna Nemes (USA) - June 2020
One Margarita - Luke Bryan
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[1-8] Samba Steps, Charleston ¼ turn
1&2Cross RT over LT (1) , Step LT to LT side (&), Step RT diagonal forward RT (2)
3&4Cross LT over RT (3), Step RT to RT side (&), Step LT diagonal forward RT (4)
5,6Weight on left foot, tap right foot in front then behind
7,8Weight on right foot, tap left foot behind right making ¼ turn left (7), clap (8)(facing 9:00)
(optional toast on lyric “shot”)

[9-16] Toe, Heel, stomp (2x), out-out, in-in, step back, heel, step brush
1&2Rt toe touch, right heel touch, stomp Rt
3&4Lt toe touch, left heel touch, stomp Lt
&5&6Step wide rt to side(&), step wide lt to side (5), step center rt (&), step center lt (6)
&7&8step rt back (&), touch lt heel forward (7), step onto lt foot (&), brush rt sole (8)

[17-24] side sways stepping right, left, ¼ turn right triple, tap left lt side, tap left diag, coaster step
1,2step right side, step left side (sway body with music)
3&4¼ turn stepping rt, lt, rt (now facing 12:00)
5, 6tap lt toe to left side, tap left toe diagonal left
7&8step back lt, back rt, forward lt
***3 RESTARTS all facing 12:00
@ 24cts walls 3, 4
Wall 7 Restart @ 20cts: modify ¼ triple step into ¼ turn step R (3), L (4)
[25-32] step rt ¼ pivot turn left (x2), jazz box
1,2Step rt forward, make ¼ turn to left
3,4Step rt forward, make ¼ turn to left
5,6Cross right over left, step left back
7,8step right to right side, step left next to right.

Life Happens. Just. Keep. Dancing.


SherryT July 22, 2020
Easy and fun dance! It’s my favorite of all the dances that have come out for this song recently. Thanks, Deanna!

Jules August 18, 2020
My favourite dance to this track this is the one fir my class xx

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