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A & B Knockin Boots

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Phrased Improver
John Sandham (ES) - June 2020
Knockin' Boots - Luke Bryan
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Note: let the song Start! Then start the dance after 32 counts ! on the words ‘THIS DRESS’.
The steps will Phrase to the song! Part A is the main dance Part B the Chorus ( this is very obvious & comes in 3 times )
There is a 16 count Tag after the 2nd Chorus ( Have fun with this)

Part A: 32 counts
Side-Behind-& Cross-Side-cross-Unwind ½-Heel-Heel
1-2&3-4Rt Side-Cross Lt behind-&Rt Side-Cross Lt-touch Rt Side.
5-6-7-8Cross Rt over Lt-Unwind ½ Lt-bouncing on Heels-Heels .

Side Cross-Hold-Side Cross-Brush-Toe-Heel-Heel-Heel
&1-2Small step to Lt-Quickly cross Rt over Lt-Hold
&3-4Small step to Lt-Quickly cross Rt over Lt-Brush Lt.
5-6-7-8touch Lt toe FWD-Tap Heel 3 times

Rt Rocking Chair-¼ Pivot-Tap-Tap
1-2-3-4Rt Rocking Chair-2-3-4
5-6-7-8Step Rt Fwd-Pivot ¼ Lt-Tap Rt Heel X 2 .

Rt Side-Hold-Rock-Rec Lt Side-Hold-Rock-Rec
1-2-3-4Rock Rt Side-Hold-Rock Lt Back-Recover.
5-6-7-8Rock Lt Side-Hold-Rock Rt Back-Recover.

Part B ( Chorus ) 32 counts
Sec 1 Slap-Down-Slap-Down-Split-Hold-knock heels x 2.
1-2Lift Lt Heel behind-Slap with Rt Hand-Replace Lt foot..
3-4repeat with Rt Heel Slap.
5-6-7-8Split both Heels-Hold-Knock Heels twice.

Sec 2 (Chorus) Repeat Sec 1 Above

Sec 3 (Chorus)
Rt Step-Slide-Step-Hold-Lt Step-Slide-½ Turn-Hitch.
1-2-3-4Rt Fwd-slide Lt Behind-Rt Fwd-Hold.
5-6-7-8Lt Fwd-Slide Rt-Lt Fwd-make ½ turn lt with a Hitch!

Sec 4 (Chorus)
Walk Rt-Lt-Rt-Lt-Slap-down-Slap-Down.
1-2-3-4Walk Fwd on Rt-Lt-Rt-Lt .
5-6-7-8Slap Rt Foot Behind-Slap Lt Foot Behind.

“TAG”.......After the 2nd Chorus (you will be facing 9 oclock)
1-4Vine Rt-2-3-Touch! ( Close the Door with Rt Hand)
5-8Vine Lt-2-3-Touch! ( switch off the light with Lt Hand)
9-12Dia Rt Fwd-Hold-Dia Lt Fwd-Hold (Blow kisses on hold)
13-16Slap Rt Heel-Down-Slap Lt Heel-Down !

Sequence is Intro 32 counts-3 walls Part A...Add Chorus...4 Walls Part A
Add 2nd Chorus Plus 16 count Tag...2 walls Part A ...end with Chorus !
Have Fun with this! Not as Difficult as it sounds ( watch the Video)


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