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Swing The Mood

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Easy Intermediate
Wayne Beazley (AUS) - June 2020
Mood Swing - Jason Blaine : (iTunes and Spotify)
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Start position: feet together weight on Left, 32 count intro, No tags/restarts.
S1: Rock R fwd, Recover & R Tog, Rock L Back, Recover, Walk fwd LR-Turning ¾ R, L Cross Shuffle
12&Rock R fwd, Recover weight on L & Step R tog
34Rock L back, Recover weight on R
56Step L fwd, Turn ¾ R – Step R to side (9 o’clock)
7&8(cross shuffle) Step L across R & Step R tog, Step L across R
S2: Side R, Twist L Heel, Side L, Twist R Heel, Rock Side, Recover, Cross Shuffle
12Step R to side, Twist L heel towards R (click fingers)
34Step L to side, Twist R heel towards L (click fingers)
56Rock R to side, Recover weight on L
7&8(cross shuffle) Step R across L & step L tog, step R across L
S3: Freeze L & Rock L to L, Recover, L Across, R to R, Step L Behind R
1234Step L to side, step R behind L, step L to side, step R across L
&Rock L to side
56Recover weight on R, step L across R
78Step R to side, step L behind R
S4: Touch Side & R Tog, Touch Side & L Tog, Kick R fwd & Brush, Kick R fwd & R Tog, Step L fwd, Pivot ½ R, Shuffle fwd
1&2Touch R to side & step R tog, Touch L to L side
&Step L tog
3&4Kick R fwd & Brush R foot across L, Kick R foot fwd
&Step R tog
56Step L foot fwd, Pivot ½ R
7&8(shuffle fwd) Step L fwd & step R tog, step L fwd (3 o’clock)



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