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Hold My Hand

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Karolina Ullenstav (SWE) - June 2020
Hold My Hand - Jess Glynne
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Intro - 40 counts, start dancing when the drums start to beat - No tags, no restarts

Section 1: Syncopated rock steps forward, shuffle steps backwards ending with rock step back and recover
1RF rock step forward (weight on RF while leaning a little bit forward) (facing 12:00)
2Recover onto LF (weight on LF)
&RF step beside LF (shift weight to RF)
3LF rock step forward (weight on LF while leaning a little bit forward)
4Recover onto RF (weight on RF)
5LF step back
&RF step beside LF
6LF step back
7RF rock step back
8Recover onto LF (weight on LF)

Section 2: Steps diagonally forward and back and then diagonally back and forward (when the artist sings “Hold my hand” you can shake your hands in the air if you like, that looks great)
1RF step diagonally forward right
2LF touch beside RF
3LF step diagonally back left
4RF touch beside LF
5RF step diagonally back right
6LF touch beside RF
7LF step diagonally forward left
8RF touch beside LF

Section 3: Side steps to the right with ¼ turn right and touch, steps back ending with a touch step back and then turn ½ left backwards
1RF step right
2LF step beside RF
3Turn ¼ right stepping RF forward (facing 03:00)
4LF touch beside RF
5LF step back
6RF step back
7LF touch step back
8Turn ½ left backwards on ball of LF ending with weight on LF (facing 09:00)

Section 4: Step diagonally forward right and left and diagonally back together x 2
1RF step diagonally forward right
2LF step diagonally forward left
3RF step diagonally back left
4LF step diagonally back right beside RF
5RF step diagonally forward right
6LF step diagonally forward left
7RF step diagonally back left
8LF step diagonally back right beside RF (still facing 09:00)

Have Fun everyone and enjoy the music!


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