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Michael Metzger (USA) - July 2020
I Am America - Shea Diamond
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Count In: Start on vocals – approximately 0:08

[1-8] Cross, Hold, Side, Hold, Cross, Hold, Side, Hold
1, 2Cross R over L, Hold
3, 4Step L to side, Hold
5, 6Cross R over L, Hold
7, 8Step L to side, Hold
*Bounce to the beat during these eight counts!

[9-16] Crossing Rocking Chair, Cross Point, Crossing Rocking Chair, Cross Point
1&2&Cross rock R over L, Recover weight to L, Rock R to side, Recover weight to L
3, 4Cross R over L, Point L to side
5&6&Cross rock L over R, Recover weight to R, Rock L to side, Recover weight to R
7, 8Cross L over R, Point R to side
*During wall 3, restart the dance here.

[17-24] Jazz Box with Quarter Turn to Right, Hip Bump, Step, Hip Bump, Step
1, 2Cross R over L, Turn ¼ right and step L back (3:00)
3, 4Step R to side, Step L forward
5, 6Touch R toe forward and bump hips right, Step down on R
7, 8Touch L toe forward and bump hips left, Step down on L

[25-32] ¼ Pivot, ¼ Pivot, Walk x4
1, 2Step R forward, Turn ¼ left and shift weight to L (12:00)
3, 4Step R forward, Turn ¼ left and shift weight to L (9:00)
5, 6, 7, 8Step R forward, Step L forward, Step R forward, Step L forward

Restart the dance after 16 counts on wall 3.

There is a four count tag that is done after wall 7.
Tag: Step, Ball, Step, Ball, Step, Step (while turning body gradually to the right and traveling in a straight line forward), Hold
1&Step R forward, Turn 1/8 and step L ball
2&Step R together, Turn 1/8 and step L ball
3&4Step R together, Step L to side, Hold

*Fierce Variations!

This song is sung by a trans woman (Shea Diamond) and is featured in a TV show on HBO called We’re Here which showcases celebrity drag queens Shangela, Bob the Drag Queen, and Eureka. If you like, look for opportunities to include voguing and drag queen stylings in your dancing.

One such opportunity for a fierce variation occurs at the end of the song. You’ll be facing the front wall, and Shea Diamond does an acapella bit for sixteen counts. You can do the first sixteen counts of the dance again, or you can vogue for sixteen counts!




dslinedancer July 5, 2020
Looks like a lot of fun!! Can't wait to dance it with you guys!!
Song has a great message for now too!

M David July 6, 2020
What a positive and uplifting dance and song. I can’t wait to teach it!

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