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Life Is A Lesson

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Darren Bailey (UK) & Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - February 2020
House Is a Building - Anderson East
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Intro: 24 Counts
Restart 1 - Wall 3 after 12 Counts
Restart 2 - Wall 6 after 24 Counts
Tag - Wall 8 after 12 Counts

• Step, Touch, Hold, Back, Sweep Back
1Step Forward on LF
2Touch RF to R side
4Step back on RF
5Sweep LF from front to back
6Continue to sweep (option to dance the sweep with an elegant hitch to finish)

• Behind, Side Rock, Recover, Behind, Sway, Sway
1Cross LF behind RF
2Rock RF to R side
3Recover onto LF (opening body slightly to R)
4Cross RF behind LF
5Step LF to L side and sway to L (bringing body back to front wall)
6Sway to R
***Restart here on wall 3 (facing 6:00)***
***Add Tag here on wall 8 (facing 12:00) then start the dance from the beginning***

• Side, Rock Back, Recover, 1/4 turn R, 1/4 turn R with point, Hold
1Take a big step to L with LF
2Make a small rock back on RF
3Recover onto LF
4Make a 1/4 turn and step forward on RF (facing 3:00)
5Make a 1/4 turn R and touch LF to L side (facing 6:00)

• 1/4 turn L, Step, Pivot L, Step, Full Turn R
1Make a 1/4 turn L and step forward on LF (facing 3:00)
2Step forward on RF
3Make a 1/2 turn pivot L (facing 9:00)
4Step forward on RF
5Make a 1/2 turn R and step back on LF (facing 3:00)
6Make a 1/2 turn R and step forward on RF (facing 9:00)
***Restart here on wall 6 (facing 9:00)***

• Waltz Basic Forward, Back Sweeps x3
1Step forward on LF
2Close RF next to LF (Can be danced as a LITTLE rock forward if you prefer)
3Close LF next to RF (If you danced a LITTLE rock above this would be a recover)
4Step back on RF and sweep LF from front to back
5Step back on LF and sweep RF from front to back
6Step back on RF and sweep LF from front to back

• Behind, Side, Cross, Side, Hold x2
1Cross LF behind RF
2Step RF to R side
3Cross LF In front of RF
4Step RF to R side (Counts 5-6 can be danced with a little Improvisation and drama, we like to raise our R hand from bottom to top, towards R diagonal)

• Cross Rock, Recover, Back, 1/2 turn R, Step, Pivot 1/2 turn R
1Cross Rock LF In front of RF (facing 10:30)
2Recover onto RF
3Take a step back on LF in the direction 4:30
4Make a 1/2 turn R and step forward on RF (facing 4:30)
5Step forward on LF
6Make a 1/2 turn pivot R (Facing 10:30)

• Cross, Side, Back with 1/4 turn L, Back, 1/4 turn L into Sway x2
1Cross LF In front of RF
2Step RF to R side (Squaring up to face 9:00)
3Make a 1/4 turn L and step back on LF (Facing 6:00)
4Step back on RF
5Make a 1/4 turn L and step LF to L side Swaying to L (Facing 9:00)
6Sway to R

TAG (danced on wall 8 after 12 Counts facing 12:00)
• Sway L, Sway R
1-3Slowly sway to L
4-6Slowly sway to R


Debbiedo July 19, 2020
In last section, for Step 5, stepsheet has "(Facing 9:00)". I think maybe an error and should be "(Facing 3:00)".

pattychar May 4, 2021
Beautiful dance.

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