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Jennie Niklasson (SWE) & Helen Noden (SWE) - July 2020
Outlaw In 'Em - Waylon
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Intro: 16 counts

#1: Vaudevilles x 2, Cross, ¼ Turn Right, Right Coaster
1&2&Cross R over L, step L to left side, touch R heel fwd into right diagonal, step R beside L
3&4&Cross L over R, step R to right side, touch L heel fwd into left diagonal, step L beside R
5,6Cross R over L, turn ¼ right stepping back on L (3)
7&8Step back on R, step L next to R, step forward on R

#2: Kick and Rock back x 2, Step turn ¼ Cross, Stomp Swivel
1&2&Kick L forward, place L next to R, Rock back on R, Recover on to L
3&4&Kick R forward, place R next to L, Rock back on L, Recover on to R
5&6Step L forward, turn ¼ right (weight on right), Cross L over R (6)
7&8Stomp R to right side, Swivel heels right, Swivel heels back (put weight on left)

#3: Behind, Side ¼ turn, Forward, Left Shuffle, Heel, Hook, Heel, Flick, Stomp, Swivel x2 ½ turn
1&2Step R behind L, Step L ¼ to left, step R forward (3)
3&4Step L forward, step R together, step L forward
5&6&Touch R heel forward, Hook R in front of Left knee, Touch R heel forward, Flick R back
7&8Stomp R forward, Swivel L heel right starting to make ½ turn left, Swivel R heel completing ½ turn (6) (weight on right)

#4: Left Coaster, Right Shuffle forward, Brush, Hitch, Touch, Sailor ½ turn
1&2Step back on L, step R next to L, step forward on L
3&4Step R forward, step L together, step R forward
5&6Brush L, Hitch L (slap your knee with your left hand), Touch L next to R
7&8Cross step L behind R, Turn ½ left stepping down on R, Step slightly forward on L. (3)

#5: Hips bumps x 2, Out, Out and Touch, Left Coaster
1,2Touch R forward and bump hip to right, step down on to R
3,4Touch L forward and bump hip to left, step down on to L
&5&6Step Right out, Step L out, Step R back in, touch L beside R
7&8Step back on L, step R next to L, step forward on L

TAG (2 counts) after walls 1 and 3
Very easy tag
1,2Hold for two counts, first one play on your air guitar, second one shake your shoulders twice or do shimmys. Or you can do whatever you like and you feel fits the track.

Last Update - 29 July 2020


JennieN July 29, 2020
This is a 32 counts dance, 4 walls and Improver level.

JennieN July 29, 2020
Sorry, it's 40 counts.

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