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Marli's Dance

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Easy Intermediate
Kate Simpkin (AUS) - July 2020
Roller Coaster - Luke Bryan
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Dance Starts With Weight On Left. - 32 Count Intro
Restart on Wall 3 (12:00) & Wall 6 (6:00)

Side, Tog, Side Shuffle R, Cross Rock, Recover. ¼ Shuffle L
1,2,3&4Step R To R Side, Step L Tog, Side Shuffle To R
5,6,7&8Cross L Over R, Recover Wgt To R, ¼ Shuffle To L (9:00)

Step Fwd R, L, Fwd R Mambo, Walk Back L, R, L Coaster Cross
1,2,3&4Walk Fwd R, L, Rock Fwd R, Recover to L,W Rock Back R (R Mambo)
5,6,7&8Walk Back L, R, L Coaster Cross (09:00)

Rock R To R, Recover, Cross Shuffle, Roll ¼ R, ¼ R, Cross Shuffle
1,2,3&4Rock R To R Side, Recover Wgt To L, Cross Shuffle R,L,R
5,6,7&8Turning ¼ R Step Back On L, Turning ¼ R Step R To R Side, Cross Shuffle L, R, L) (03:00)

Backward Rumba Box With Shuffles
1,2,3&4(Modified Rumba Box) Step R To R Side, Step L Tog, Shuffle Back R,L,R
5,6,7&8Step L To L Side, Step R Tog, Shuffle Fwd L,R,L (03:00)

Walk Fwd R, L, R Kick Ball Step, Rock R Fwd, Recover L, ¼ R Side Shuffle
1,2,3&4Walk Fwd R, L, Right Kick Ball Step
5,6,7&8Rock Fwd R, Recover Wgt To L, Making ¼ Turn R Side Shuffle R (06:00)

Cross, Side, Behind Side Cross, Side Rock, Recover, R Back Coaster
1,2,3&4Cross L Over R, Step R To R Side, Step L Behind R, Step R To R Side, Cross L Over R
5,6,7&8Rock R To R Side, Recover Wgt To L, R Back Coaster Step (06:00)

Side Shuffle To L, Angling Body Head To 10:30 Shuffle Back R,L,R, Shuffle Back, L,R,L, Shuffle Back R,L,R
1&2,3&4Making ¼ Turn R Shuffle To L (L,R,L), Making 1/8 Turn R (10:30) Shuffle Back R,L,R
5&6,7&8Shuffle Back, L,R,L, Shuffle Back R,L,R (10:30)

****** Note, Counts 51 – 56 Are Done With Head Looking At 10:30 But Angling Body Slightly

Rock Back L, Recover R, Step Fwd, Pivot ½ R, L Scissor Cross, R Kick Ball Cross
1,2,3,4Rock Back L, Recover R (10:30), Step Fwd L, Pivot ½ Turn R (04:30)
5&6,7&8L Scissor Cross (Squaring To 06:00), R Kick Ball Cross (06:00)

On Wall 3 Dance To Count 14 (Back L, R) Then Do L Coaster Cross Making ¼ R To Restart On Front Wall As Wall 4
On Wall 6 Dance To Count 38 (Rock Fwd R, Recover L) Then Make 1 ¼ Turn R Over 2 Counts To Restart to 06:00

Dance To Count 48 (R Coaster) Making A Pivot ½ L Back To Front Wall

Contact email: - Phone: 0437 475 600


pepper August 3, 2020
such a meaningful and beautiful dance

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