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Senor Loco

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Regina Cheung (CAN) - August 2020
Señor Loco (feat. Danny Mazo) - Elena : (Album: Señor Loco)
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Intro : 16 Counts

Sec. 1: Cross Samba R & L, R Rock Recover, Shuffle 1/2 R
1&2Step right forward (slightly across left), rock ball of left to left side, recover weight right
3&4Step left forward (slightly across right), rock ball of right to right side, recover weight left
5 6Right rock forward, Recover on left
7&8Step right 1/4 right to the side, Step left next to right, Step right forward 1/4 right (6:00)

Sec.2: L Rock Recover, Coaster Step, Jazz Box 1/4 R
1 2Rock left forward, Recover on right
3&4Step back on left, Step right next to left, Step forward on left
5 6Step right cross over left, Step left back 1/4 right
7 8Step right on right side, Step left cross over right (3:00) (9:00)

Sec.3: R Side, Close Together, L Side, Close Together, R Side Touch, L 1/4 left Side Touch
1 2&Step right to right side, step left next to right, step right in place
3 4&Step left to left side, step right next to left, step left in place
5 6Step right to right side, Touch left next to right
7 8Step left 1/4 on left side, Touch right next to left (6:00)

Sec.4: Rocking Chair, Hip Roll (or Paddle) 1/2 Left, 1/4 Left
1 2Rock right forward, Recover onto left,
3 4Rock right backward, Recover onto left
5 6Step right forward, pivot (or Hip Roll) 1/2 left
7 8Step right forward, pivot (or Hip Roll) 1/4 left (9:00)


TAG : End of Walls 2, 4, 6, 10, 12 + Tag (4 Counts)
[1 - 4] Right hip bump forward, Left hip bump forward
1&2Touch right forward and bump right hip forward twice
3&4Touch left forward and bump left hip forward twice

Contact : Regina Cheung -
Last Update - 18 Aug. 2020

29 SEP '20 50


Pony Chen August 27, 2020

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