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Kiss and Run

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Jean-Pierre Madge (CH) & Amanda Rizzello (FR) - August 2020
This is Us - Jimmie Allen & Noah Cyrus
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#16 Count Intro

Rock Fwd, Close ,Rock Back, Full Turn , Sweep,Weave & Rock Back, ¼ turn Step Back
1-2&Rock LF fwd ,Recover weight on to R, close LF next to RF
3-4&Rock RF back, Recover weight on to L,½ turn L stepping RF back
5-6&½ turn L Stepping LF fwd and sweeping RF, Cross RF over L, LF to L side
7-8&Rock RF back (open body to 1:30) , Recover weight on to L, ¼ turn L stepping RF back

¼ turn Sweep, Weave & Sweep, Behind,Forward , Rocking Chair,Step Spiral,Run X2
1-2&¼ turn L Stepping LF to L side sweeping RF, Cross RF over L, LF to L side,
3-4&Step RF behind L sweeping LF ,Step LF behind R, 1/8 turn R Step RF fwd (7:30)
5&6&Rock LF fwd , Recover weight on R, Rock LF back , Recover weight on R (7:30)
7-8&Step LF fwd making full spiral turn to R (keeping weight on L), Step RF fwd , Step LF fwd (7:30)

1/8 turn Sweep, Cross, ¼ turn Step Back ,Step Back X2 , ¼ turn Step side, Touch side X2,Drag ,¼ turn Run X2
1-2&1/8 turn R Step RF slightly fwd Sweeping LF (9:00), Cross LF over R, ¼ turn L stepping RF back (6:00)
3-4&Step LF back , Step RF back, ¼ turn L stepping LF to L side (3:00)
5&6&Touch RF to R side (Open R arm to R face palm facing front) , close RF next to LF Touch LF to L side (Open L arm to L face palm facing front) , transfer weight on L
7-8&Drag RF next to LF Keeping weight on L (Bring both arm across your chest like you are hugging yourself) , ¼ turn R stepping RF fwd (6:00), Step LF fwd

Prep, ½ L , Full turn, Walk , Step ½ turn step, Step Spiral, Run X2
1-2&RF fwd as you prep body to R, ½ turn L stepping LF fwd, ½ Left stepping RF back
3-4½ turn Left stepping LF fwd, Step RF fwd
5&6Step LF fwd, ½ turn R recover on RF , Step LF fwd
7-8&Step RF fwd making full spiral to L (Keeping weight on R), Step LF fwd , Step RF fwd

TAG : After wall 2 (facing 12:00)
1-2Walk L fwd , Walk R fwd

Enjoy :)

JP :
Amanda :

Last Update - 3 Sept. 2020


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