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Fast As You

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Absolute Beginner
Lynne Williams (UK) - August 2020
Fast As You - Dwight Yoakam
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Intro : 32 Counts Starting On Lyrics

S1 Modified ‘V’ Step, Back Together, Forward, Tap
1-2Touch Right Toe Diagonally Forward, Drop Heel
3-4Touch Left Toe Diagonally Forward, Drop Heel
5-6Step Right Back To Centre, Close Left Beside
7-8Step Right Forward, Tap Left Toe Behind Right

S2 Left Diagonal Back Together Back Touch, Right Diagonal Back Together Back Touch
1-2Step Left Diagonally Back, Close Right Next To
3-4.Step Left Diagonally Back, Touch Right Beside
5-6Step Right Diagonally Back, Close Left Next To
7-8Step Right Diagonally, Touch Left Beside

S3 Forward Point, Forward Point, Jazz 1/4 Turn Left
1-2Step Forward Left, Point Right To Side
3-4Step Forward Right, Point Left To Side
5-6Cross Left Over Right, Turn 1/4 Left Stepping Back On Right
7-8.Step Left To Left Side, Touch Right Next To

S4 Vine Right Brush, Vine Left Brush
1-2Step Right To Right Side, Cross Left Behind
3-4.Step Right To Right Side, Brush Left Beside
5-6Step Left To Left Side, Cross Right Behind
7-8Step Left To Left Side, Brush Right Beside

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Lynne Williams Email Natureskitchen@Outlook.Com


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