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Five Together

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Dirk Leibing (DE), Gudrun Schneider (DE), Sascha Wolf (DE), Silvia Schill (DE) & Tobias Jentzsch (DE) - August 2020
Show It Off - Andreas Linden : (Music download for free)
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Intro: 16 counts (~9 sec.)

Seq: 64, Tag, 64, 64, 16, Tag, 64, (33-64), 16(ending to the front)

(I) Out, Out, Back, Point, Heel Bounce, Side Rock, Cross Shuffle
1-2Step RF right diag. forward(1), Spep LF left diag. forward(2)
&3&4Step RF back(&), Step LF in front of RF(3), Lift both Heels(&), Step both Heels down(4)
&5-6Step LF next to RF(&), Rock RF right(5), Recover on LF(6)
7&8Cross RF in front of LF(7), Step LF left(&), Cross RF in front of LF(8)

(II) Side Rock, Cross Shuffle, Mambo Step(R+L)
1-2Rock LF left(1), Recover on RF(2)
3&4Cross LF in front of RF(3), Step RF right(&), Cross LF in front of RF
5&6Rock RF right(5), Recover on LF(&), Step RF next to LF(6)
7&8Rock LF left(7), Recover on RF(&), Step LF next to RF(8)

(III) Monterey ½ Turn, Rock Step, Triple Full Turn
1-2Point RF right(1), Close RF next to LF & Turn ½ right(2)(6:00)
3-4Point LF left(3), Close LF next to RF(4)
5-6Rock RF forward(5), Recover on LF(6)
7&8Turn ½ right stepping RF forward(12:00), Close LF next to RF(&), Turn ½ right stepping RF forward(6:00)

(IV) Cross, Side, Sailor ¼ Turn, Jazz Box
1-2Cross LF in front of RF(1), Step RF right(2)
3&4Cross left behind right - ¼ turn left, step right beside left – step left forward (3:00)
5-6Cross RF in front of LF(5), Step LF back(6)
7-8Step RF right(7), Step LF forward(8)

(V) Walk forward(R+L), Mambo Step, Walk back (L+R), Coaster Cross
1-2Step RF forward(1), Step LF forward(2)
3&4Rock RF forward(3), Recover on LF(&), Close RF next to LF(4)
5-6Step LF back(5), Step RF back(6)
7&8Step LF back(7), Close RF next to LF(&), Cross LF in front of RF(8)

(VI) Rolling Vine right, Grapevine left
1-2Turn ¼ right stepping RF forward(1)(6:00), Turn ½ right stepping LF back(2)(12:00)
3-4Turn ¼ right stepping RF right(3)(3:00), Touch LF next to RF(4)
5-6Step LF left(5), Cross RF behind LF(6)
7-8Step LF left(7), Touch RF next to LF(8)

(VII) Side Shimmy(2x), ¼ Turn, ½ Turn, Tripple ½ Turn
1-2Step RF right(with Shoulder Shimmy)(1), Close LF next to RF(2)
3-4Step RF right(with Shoulder Shimmy)(3), Close LF next to RF(4)
5-6Turn ¼ left stepping LF forward(5)(12:00), Turn ½ left stepping RF back(6)(6:00)
7&8Turn ¼ left stepping LF left(7)(3:00), Close RF next to LF(&), Turn ¼ left stepping LF forward(8)(12:00)

(VIII) Step Turn(with flick), Shuffle, Rock Step, Sailor ¼ Turn
1-2Step RF forward(1), Turn ½ left(weight on LF) and flick RF back(2)(6:00)
(optionally dip down while turning)
3&4Step RF forward(3), Close LF next to RF(&), Step RF forward(4)
5-6Rock LF forward(5), Recover on RF(6)
7&8Cross left behind right - ¼ turn left(7), step right beside left(&) – step left forward(8) (3:00)

(TAG) Rocking Chair
1-2Rock RF forward(1), Recover on LF(2)
3-4Rock RF back(3), Recover on LF(4)

Have Fun

Dirk Leibing –
Gudrun Schneider –
Sascha Wolf –
Silvia Schill –
Tobias Jentzsch –

We thank Andreas Linden for providing the music title.
Free download by Andreas Linden:

Last Update - 4 Sept. 2020


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