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Crash and Burn

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Absolute Beginner
Inge Vestergård (DK) - September 2020
Crash and Burn - Thomas Rhett
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Intro: 16 counts – weight starts on left

There are no Tags and Restarts :-)

Sec. 1: Diagonal Lock step R, Scuff Diagonal L, Diagonal Lock step L, Scuff Diagonal R
1 - 4Step R diagonal fwd R, Lock L Behind R, Step R diagonal fwd R, Scuff L Diagonal L
5 - 8Step L diagonal fwd L, Lock R Behind L, Step L diagonal fwd L, Scuff R Diagonal R

Sec. 2 Diagonal Step Touch with Claps (K-step)
1 – 2Step R to right front diagonal, Touch L beside R (clap)
3 – 4Step L to left back diagonal, Touch R beside L (clap)
5 – 6Step R to right back diagonal, Touch L beside R (clap)
7 – 8Step L to left front diagonal, Touch R beside L, (clap)

Sec. 3: Vine R, Touch, Vine L ¼ Turn L, Stomp
1 – 4Step R to R side, Cross L behind R, Step R to R side, Touch L beside R
5 – 8Step L to L side, Cross R behind L, ¼ turn L stepping fwd on L, Stomp R next to L (9:00)

Sec. 4: Twist heels-toes-heels to R side, clap, twist heels-toes-heels to L side, clap
1 – 4Twist both heels to R side, twist both toes to R side, twist both heels to R side, clap
5 – 8Twist both heels to L side, twist both toes to L side, twist both heels to L side, clap

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