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Over and Over

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Cato Larsen (NOR), Kelli Haugen (NOR), Henrik Grønvold (NOR), Yvonne Sevre (NOR), Dag Alexander Wien (NOR), Roy Anthony Shepherd (NOR), Tom Inge Soenju (NOR), Karianne Heimvik (NOR), Cecilie Smith Larsson (NOR) & Ronny Palerud Larsen (NOR) - September 2020
Over and Over - The James Boys : (2:19)
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Intro: 16 counts (Start on vokal)

(Walk back) x2, Reverse Rocking Chair, Coaster step w/ 1/8R turn, Hold, Ball-Cross
1-2Step RF back, step LF back
3&4&Step RF back, recover weight on LF, step RF fwd, recover weight on LF
5&6Step RF back, step LF together, turn 1/8R & cross RF in front of LF 1:30
7&8Hold, step LF to left side, cross RF in front of LF

Modified Charleston step, Step, Hitch w/ 1/4L turn, Step, Touch
1-4Turn 1/8L & step LF fwd, kick RF fwd, step RF back, cross LF in front of RF & tap floor 12:00
5-6Step LF fwd, turn 1/4L & hitch RF 9:00
7-8Step RF to R, cross LF behind RF & tap floor

(Walk fwd) x2, Out-Out, In-Cross, Step w/ 1/8L turn, Step w/ 1/4L turn, Sailor step
1-2Turn 1/8L & step LF fwd, step RF fwd
&3&4Step LF out to L, step RF out to R, step LF in, cross RF in front of LF 7:30
5-6Turn 1/8L & step LF fwd, turn 1/4L & step RF to R 3:00
7&8Cross LF behind RF, step RF to R, step LF to L & fwd

Cross, Step w/ 1/4R turn, Ball-Cross, Point, Sailor step w/ 1/4R turn, Step, 1/2R turn
1Step RF in front of LF
2&3Turn 1/4R & step LF back, step RF together, cross LF in front of RF 6:00
4Point RF to R
5&6Turn 1/8R & cross RF behind LF, turn 1/8R step LF to L, step RF to R & fwd 9:00
7-8Step LF fwd, turn 1/2R but keep weight on LF 3:00

Start again - Have fun & Enjoy :-)

Tag : After wall 4 (Starts towards 12:00)
(Step, Touch) x2, Out, Side-Rock, In, Forward-Rock
1-2Step RF back, touch LF beside RF
3-4Step LF fwd, touch RF beside LF
&5-6Step RF small step to R, step LF to L, recover weight on RF
&7-8Step LF together, step RF fwd, recover weight on LF

RF = Right Foot
R = Right


Nigel H (Spain) April 5, 2022
I remember this song from the 70's and found this dance by accident (searching for something else) what a find 😁 I think it's great. Thank you 😁😁😁❤️

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