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Diamond Cha

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Mark Furnell (UK) & Chris Godden (UK) - September 2020
Diamonds - Sam Smith
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#16 Count Intro

[01 - 09]: Side, Back Rock, Scissor Cross, Hinge 1/2 Turn, Step Together Touch
1Step left to left
2-3Rock right back, recover weight onto left
4&5Step right to right, step left beside right, cross right over left
6-7Step left to left making 1/4 turn Right, Step Right in Right making 1/4 turn Right(6:00)
8&1Step left forward, step right beside left, Touch left toe forward

[10 - 16]: Hold, Rock, Rock, Ball Step, Syncopated Side Rock Cross x 2
3-4Rock forward on left, Rock back on Right
Styling for counts 3-4 Body roll down from head to toe taking weight back onto right
&5Step left beside right, step right forward
6&7Rock left to left, recover weight onto right, cross left over right
&8&Rock right to right, recover weight onto left, cross right over left

[17 - 25]: Body Roll x 2, Behind, ¼ Step, Step ½ Pivot, Step ½ Pivot
1-2Turn 1/8 left step left forward body roll down from head to toe taking weight back onto right (4:30)
3-4Body roll down from head to toe finishing with weight back on right
*Optional Arms
*1-2 Make wave shape forward with right arm
*3-4 Make wave shape forward with right arm
5-6Step left behind right, step right forward making 1/4 turn right (9:00)
7&Step left forward, pivot ½ right (3:00)
8&Step left forward, Pivot ½ right (9:00)

[25 - 32]: Cross, Side, 1/4, Side Together Together
1-2Cross left over right, step right to right
3Turn ⅛ left step left back (7:30)
4&5Step right back, turn ⅛ left step left to left, turn ⅛ left step right forward (4:30)
6-7Step left forward, turn ⅛ left step right to right (3:00)
8&Step left beside right, step right beside left

Tag danced after walls 2, 3, 5 & 8
1-2Sway hips left
3-4Sway hips right


Jules September 22, 2020
Fab dance a little bit different from you guys once again xx

571029 October 9, 2020
Brilliant dance to one of my favourite, love it xx

maggiek29 October 9, 2020
Love, love, love this dance!

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