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Chew on My Heart

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Low Intermediate
Brain Phillipp Grunwald (DE) - September 2020
Chew on My Heart (Madism Remix) - James Bay
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Starts After 32 Counts ( 4×8)

Rock step, Triple turn R, Cross, Side, Behind-Side-Cross
1 - 2Step forward on right - Set your weight back on left
3 & 4Triple step with full turn right way ( Alternative: Coaster step)
5 - 6Cross left over right, Right step to the side
7 & 8Left cross behind right, Step with right to the side, Cross left over right

Rock side R, Rock back R, ½ L - Step Back R, L Touch, Step L, Touch R
1 - 2Step to the right, Weight back on left
3 - 4Step back with right, Weight back on left
5 - 6Step back with a half turn left way, Touch left next to right
7 - 8Step left , Touch right next to left

Side - Behind, Chasse ¼ R, Step, ½ R, Shuffle fwd. L
1 - 2Step to the right, Cross left behind right
3 & 4Step right, Set left to right, Step right fwd. With ¼ turn right
5 - 6Step fwd. with left, Turn ½ right, Weight on right
7 & 8Step fwd. left, Close right to left, Step fwd. left

Jazzbox with Crossshuffle, Out - Out, Back, Close
1 - 2 - 3Cross right over left, Step back on left, Step to right side
4 & 5Cross left over right, Step to the right, Cross left over right
& 6Jump first with right fwd., Then with left
7 - 8Step back right, Close left next to right, Weight is on left

Tag: At the end of the 10th wall do a Rocking Chair with 4 Counts.
After the Tag restart the dance.


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