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Everything But YOU

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Ursula Traffelet (CH) - September 2020
Everything but You - Dallas Moore : (Album: Tryin' to Be a Blessing)
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TAG: on 4 Wall after 16 Counts
Restart: after the TAG

Dance starts after 32 counts

[1-8] Walk, Walk, Anchor Step Bwd, Step Bwd, Point Side, RF Step behind LF, LF Point Side
1,2RF Step diagonal (10:30) over left foot Fwd, LF Step Fwd,
3&4RF Step behind left, step left foot in place, RF Step back
5,6,7,8LF Step back, RF point toe to right side facing 12, RF Step back, LF point toe to left side (12:00)

[9-16] LF Fwd Rock Recover, LF Coaster Step, Hip Bump Turn with ½ Turn left
1,2L Rock Fwd, replace weight on RF,
3&4LF Step back, RF next to LF, LF Step Fwd
5&6Touch right toe Fwd bump hip Fwd, Bump hip back, Bump right hip Fwd taking weight on right foot and make ½ Turn left
7&8Touch left toe Fwd bump hip Fwd, Bump hip back, Bump left hip Fwd taking weight on left foot (6:00)
TAG: Jazz Box - Restart (3:00)

[17-24] RF Rocking Chair, RF Fwd Rock Recover, ½ Tripple Turn right
1-4R Rock Fwd, rocking weight on LF, R Rock back, rocking weight on LF
5,6R Rock Fwd, replace weight on LF (starting for ½ Turn r)
7&8½ Turn right stepping RF Fwd, LF close to RF (&) RF Step Fwd (12:00)

[25-32] LF ¼ Turn r Side Rock, Behind Side Cross, RF Side Rock, Behind Side Cross
1,2¼ Turn right LF Rock to left side, recover onto RF (3:00)
3&4LF Step diagonal behind RF, RF Step to right side, LF Step over RF
5,6RF Rock to right side, recover onto LF
7&8RF Step diagonal behind LF, LF Step to left side, RF Step over LF

[33-40] LF Step l, Hip Sway l, r, l, r, l, RF Step r, LF next RF, Chassé right with ¼ Turn r
1,2LF Step to left side Sway Hip left, Sway Hip and wight to right
3&4Sway Hip left, Sway Hip right, Sway Hip left wight on LF
5,6,7&8RF Step to right, LF Step next to RF, RF Step to right, LF Step next to right, RF Step with ¼ Turn right

[41-48] LF step pivot ½, ¼ turn step right, behind right, ¼ turn step left, RF Sweep Full Turn
(Optional: RF Cross Unwind)
1,2,Pivot ½ turn right
3,4,5¼ turn step left to left side, cross right behind left, ¼ turn left LF Step Fwd (prep. for a ¾ Turn (ContraBodie)
6,7,8RF Sweep ¾ Turn left, RF pause next to LF (weight on LF) (3:00)

(Optional turning: for Steps 6,7,8 Cross right over left and unwind on balls to make a ¾ turn left, ends with weight on LF)

Start again and enjoy the dance!

TAG: RF Jazz Box
1,2RF Cross over left, LF step left back
3,4RF Step to right side, LF step together

Ending: on Wall 8 after 12Counts (Coaster Step) make RF Step Fwd

Ursula Traffelet - -


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