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Improver WCS
Maivor Zetterstrom (SWE) & Emil Zetterstöm (SWE) - October 2020
A Few Good Stories - Brett Kissel
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S1: Walks x 2, mambo, walks back x 2, coaster-cross
1 ,2Walk fw Right, Left
3&4Step fw on Rf, back on Lf, step Rf slightly back
5, 6Walk back Left, Right
7 & 8Step Lf back, together with Rf, step Lf cross over Rf
(Restart on wall 3)
S2: Rock, behind 1/4 turn L, touch, step diagonal swivel feet x2, flick
1, 2Rock Rf to R, back on Lf
3 & 4Step Rf behind Left, turn 1/4 Left step Lf fw, touch Rf next to Lf (9:00)
5 &6&Step diagonal fw on Rf, swivel Lf heel, toe, heel fw (weight on Rf)
& 7 & 8Step diagonal fw on Lf, swivel Rf heel fw, flick Rf
(Restart on wall 6. 9 o'clock)
S3: Rock, 1/2 triple-turn x 2, coaster-step
1, 2Rock fw on Rf, weight back on Lf
3 & 4Turn 1/4 to Right step RF to Right, step Lf together, Turn 1/4 to Right step Rf fw (3:00)
5 & 6Turn 1/4 Right step Lf to left, Step Rf together,turn 1/4 Right step back on Lf (9:00)
7 & 8Step back on Rf, step Lf together, Step fw on Rf
S4: Kick-ball-cross x 2, rock, weave
1 & 2Kick Lf diagonal fw L, step down Lf, cross Rf over Lf
3 & 4Kick Lf diagonal fw L, step down Lf, cross Rf over Lf
5, 6Rock Lf to L, back on Rf
7 & 8Step Lf behind R, Step Rf to R, Step Lf fw
Happy dancing!

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