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He's a Pirate

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Henrik Grønvold (NOR) & Ronny P. Larsen (NOR) - October 2020
He's A Pirate (From Pirate Of The Caribbean / Tango 32bpm) - Tony Evans : (Album: Dancebeat 26, Dont stop Belivin)
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#16 count Intro

Step, Touch, Step Touch, Rock Step, Slide , Drag
1,2Step RF forward, touch LF to L
3,4Step LF forward, touch RF to R
5,6Step forward onto RF, recover weight back onto LF
7,8Step RF a large step back, drag LF towards RF

Step, Touch, Step Touch, Rock Step, Sweep
1,2Step LF bac, touch RF to R
3,4Step RF back, touch LF to L
5,6Step LF back, recower weight forward onto RF
7,8Step LF forward sweeping RF from back to front

Vine , Sweep, Vine, Hitch
1,2Cross RF over LF, step LF to L
3,4Cross RF behind LF sweeping LF from front to back
5,6Cross LF behind RF, step RF to R
7,8Cross LF over RF hitching R knee up, slightly cross over towards L

Step Hitch, ¼ turn, Rocking Chair
1,2Step RF down infront of LF, Hitch L knee
3Slightly cross hitching knee over RF towards R
4Step LF down turning a ¼ to R (face 03;00)
5,6Step RF forward, recover weight back to LF
7,8Step RF back, recover weight forward onto LF


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