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Halloween Masks 2020

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Sue Wellesley-Davies (NZ) - October 2020
Dale Officer - Monster Mash 2020 parody
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(Choreographed with Dale Officer's permission)

Dance begins approx. 15 counts from start

Section 1: Walk R, L Jump out & hold x 2
1,2 & 3,4Walk fwd R, L, jump slightly out to sides and hold
5,6 & 7,8Repeat

Section 2: Step fwd R, slow ½ pivot L, Charleston
1 - 4Step fwd R, ½ turn L on balls of feet over 3 counts
5 - 8Step fwd R, hitch L knee, Step back on L, tap R beside
Styling: on the ½ turn waggle finger - like telling off

Section 3: Step tog, step touch R, Side touches L, tog, L, tog
1 - 4Step R to side, step L beside R, Step R to side, tap L
5 - 8Weight on R, touch L out to side, touch L next to R then repeat
Styling: on the stepping R hold up R elbow as if coughing into it. 'wash' hands when doing side touches

Section 4: Step tog, step touch L, Side touches R, tog, R, tog
1 - 4Step L to side, step R beside L, Step L to side, tap R
5 - 8Weight on L, touch R out to side, touch R next to L then repeat
Styling: on the stepping L hold up L elbow as if coughing into it. 'wash' hands when doing side touches

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Email for music file:


Lyndalou October 6, 2020
Hello, such a cute dance, can;t wait to do in our classes for Halloween. I cannot find the music on Itunes, anyway you could email the MP3?

suewd October 7, 2020
Hi Lyndalou, please email me for the music MP3 file .....

Tini Creative October 9, 2020
Wow.... funny... nice choreo....fantastic...

Cowgirl Kate October 10, 2020
Love the costumes

suewd October 11, 2020
Thanks so much Tini and Kate 🥰

Darolyn October 27, 2020
Love it! Would you please email me the music? I can't find it on iTunes. Thanks so much!!!

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