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Heart Letting Go

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slow cha cha
Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) - October 2020
Heart Letting Go - Ronnie Dunn
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Time step, sweep, behind ¼ turn left, forward, ½ turn left, sweep, coaster step, cha cha forward.
1RF right.
2LF close RF.
&weight on RF.
3LF step left, sweep RF.
4RF cross behind RF.
&¼ turn left, LF step forward.
5½ turn left, RF step backwards, sweep LF.
6LF step backwards.
&RF closes LF.
7LF step forward.
8RF step forward.
&LF lock behind RF.
1RF step forward.

Walk forward, 1/4 turn left cross forward, cha cha left, cross forward ½ turn right with flick, cha cha right.
2LF walk forward.
3¼ turn left, RF cross forward.
4LF left.
&RF closes LF
5LF left.
6RF crosses forward.
7½ turn right, RF step back, RF flick backwards.
8RF right.
&LF Closes RF.
1RF right.

Cross forward, ¼ turn left, ¼ turn left, step right, ¼ turn left, stomp, hold, ball change.
2LF cross forward RF.
&¼ turn left, RF backwards.
3¼ turn left, LF forward.
&RF right.
4½ turn left, LF left.
5RF closes LF with a stomp.
6weight on LF.
&weight on RF.
7LF forward.
8RF forward.
&LF lock behind RF.
1RF forward.

Walk forward, rock forward, recover ¼ turn right, together, cross forward, step right, together, cha cha cha right.
2LF forward.
3RF rock forward.
4Recover weight LF, ¼ turn right.
&RF closes LF.
5LF cross forward RF.
6RF right.
7LF close RF.
8RF right.
&LF close RF.

Start again.

Tag: after wall 2, for 4 counts
1Sway right
2Sway left.
3Sway right.
4Sway left.

Start again.

2020 18 OCT 3


AJ October 11, 2020
Great song and perfect choreography. Your dancing is so fluid and a joy to watch. Thanks.

taterbug October 19, 2020
I need some clarification please...for one, in your video you dance the 2nd section calling a 6&7 step but it is not written with one. Plus on the third set, In bold letters, you have 1/4, turn 1/4 turn, 1/4 turn...but when you describe it, it is quarter, quarter and 1/2 turns. Thanks for the dance.

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