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Phrased Intermediate
Heather Gronow (UK) - October 2020
Kokomo - The Beach Boys : (Album: Greatest Hits)
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#28 count intro, start on the word "Keys" - AAB AAB AAB pattern dance

Section 1 : Side Rock, Cross Shuffle, Side Rock, Sailor 1/4 turn
1 2 3&4Rock R to side, rec, Cross shuffle R,L,R over left foot
5 6 7&8Rock L to side, rec, Cross L behind, tog with R, step fwd L making 1/4 turn to left

Section 2 : Fwd Rock, Shuffle 1/2 turn, Shuffle 1/2 turn, Rock back, rec
1 2 3&4Rock fwd on R, rec, shuffle RLR making 1/2 right
5&6 7 8Shuffle LRL making 1/2 turn right, Rock back on R, rec on L

Section 3 : Fwd Rock, Side Rock, Behind Side, Cross shuffle
1 2 3 4Rock fwd on R, rec on L, Rock R to Side, rec
5 6 7&8Cross R behind, Step L to side, Cross shuffle RLR over L

Section 4 : Side Rock, Cross, Hold, Side Rock, Back Rock
1 2 3 4Rock L to side, rec on R, Cross L over R, hold
5 6 7 8Rock R to side, Rec on L, Rock back on R, rec on L

Part B
Section 1 : Step fwd as you bump hips, RLR, LRL, Rocking Chair
1&2 3&4Step Fwd on R bumping hips RLR, Step Fwd L bumping hips LRL
5 6 7 8Rock Fwd on R, rec, L. rock back on R, Rec on L

Section 2 : Step fwd as you bump hips RLR, LRL, Rock 1/4 turn, cross
1&2 3&4Step fwd on R, bumping hips RLR, Step fwd L bumping hips LRL
5 6 7 8Rock fwd R, rec on L, Step 1/4 R to right, cross L over right

Section 3: Point, cross, point , cross, vine 1/4 turn, hitch
1 2 3 4Point R to right side, Step R over left, Point L to side, Step L over right
5 6 7 8Step R to side, step L behind, Step R making 1/4 turn right, Hitch Left knee

Section 4 : Walk back, LRL, Hitch, Side rock and cross, Hold
1 2 3 4Walk Back L, R, L, hitch right knee
5 6 7 8Rock R to right side,rec on left, Cross R over L, Hold

Section 5 : Side Rock and Cross, Hold, Behind, side, Shuffle 1/4 turn
1 2 3 4Rock L to side, Rec on R, Cross L over right, Hold
5 6 7&8Step R to right side, Cross L behind, Shuffle RLR making 1/4 turn to right

Section 6 : Rock Fwd, rec, Coaster Step, Step pivot 1/4 turn, Cross shuffle
1 2 3&4Rock fwd on L, rec on right, Step back L, tog with R, Step fwd L
5 6 7&8Step Fwd R, pivot 1/4 turn to left(weight on left) Cross shuffle RLR

Section 7 : Vine left, touch, Hip Bumps
1 2 3 4Step L to left side, Cross R behind, Step L to left side. Touch R toe to left foot
5 6 7 8Step R to right side bumping hips R,L,R,L


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Lynn October 12, 2020
Finally a perfect dance to this wonderful song!

Burning Boots Linedancers October 20, 2020
Thank you Lynn, pleased that you like it ... Heather x

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