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Hey Old Lover

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Low Intermediate
Bobby Houle (CAN) - October 2020
Hey Old Lover - Kip Moore
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[1-8] :Rock step, coaster step, rock step, triple step 3\4 turn L
1-2Rock right forward, return to left
3&4 Step back on right , step left beside right, step right forward
5-6Rock left forward, return to right
7&8Triple step in place 3\4 turn to L ( 3 O'clock)

[9-16] :Grind 1\4 turn R, rock back, Shuffle forward R+L (Slightly diag.)
1-2Heel gring right forward 1\4 turn R, weight back on left
3-4Rock right foot back, return to left forward
5&6Shuffle forward (RLR) Slightly Diag.
7&8Shuffle forward (LRL) Slightly Diag

[17-24] :Side rock, together, step touch, full turn, shuffle forward
1-2&Rock right foot to right, return to left in place, step right beside left
3-4Step left to left side, touch right beside left
5-6Full turn on 2 counts R-L
7&8Shuffle forward (RLR) (6 O'clock)

[25-32] :Rock step, shuffle back, back toe strut 1\4 turn R, back toe strut 1|2 L
1-2Rock left forward, return to right
3&4Shuffle back (LRL)
5-6Step right toe back, drop right heel ,unwind 1\4 turn right weight on R (9 O'clock)
7-8Step left toe back, drop left heel unwind 1\2 turn left weight on L (3 O'clock)

Restart : You are doing the dance 3 times , you're on the 9 O'clock wall, you're doing the first 8 counts and Restart the dance.
You're now on the 12 O'clock wall


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