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Them Girls (P)

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Intermediate pattern partner circle
Barb Monroe (USA) & Dave Monroe (USA) - November 2020
One of Them Girls - Lee Brice
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Start facing LOL with inside hand hold. Man's footwork described. Mirrored footwork except where noted

Walk, Walk, Shuffle, Walk, Walk, Shuffle while wrapping in the lady
1-2Walk L, Walk R
3&4Shuffle forward L, R, L
5-6Man; Walk R (prepping the lady out), Walk L (leading the lady toward you to start her full turn)
 Lady; Walk L, Step R with a ¼ turn L (facing ILOD)
7&8Man; Shuffle forward R, L, R while wrapping up the lady in your right arm
 Lady; Shuffle forward L, R, L while making a ¾ turn L (facing LOD)
Arms; Man's R and lady's L arms ends up around the lady's waist with his L and her R connected in front
Lady backs out and man's ½ turn on Walk Walk, Shuffle, Walk, Walk, Shuffle
1-2Man; Turn ¼ turn R stepping L, Turn ¼ turn R stepping R (facing RLOD)
 Lady; Back out under man's raised R arm stepping R, L (facing LOD)
Arms; Man raises his R arm enough to allow the lady to back under. Both arms stay connected
3&4Shuffle to LOD stepping L, R, L
5-6Walk R, Walk L
7&8Shuffle R, L, R

Lady's ¾ turn and man's ¼ turn on Walk Walk, Shuffle, Rock, Recover, Cross Shuffle
1-2Man; Rock slightly back L, Step forward R with ¼ turn L (facing OLOD)
 Lady; Step slightly forward R with ¼ turn R (facing OLOD), Step L with ½ turn R (facing ILOD)
Arms; Both arms stay connected going over the lady's head
3&4Shuffle in place L, R, L
5-6Rock to RLOD stepping R, Recover on L
7&8Step R over L, Step L, Step R over L

Step, Slide, Shuffle side, Behind, Side, ¼ turn shuffle
1-2Step L to L side, Slide R beside L
3&4Shuffle side L, R, L
(Optional full turn on 1-2, 3&4; Turn ¼ R stepping L, Turn ½ R stepping R, Shuffle ¼ R stepping L, R, L
Lady turns L doing the same turns on opposite foot)
5-6Cross R behind L, Step L side
7&8Shuffle R, L, R turning ¼ L (facing LOD)

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