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Just Another Colour

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Mark Furnell (UK), Chris Godden (UK) & Alison Johnstone (AUS) - October 2020
Pink - Dolly Parton, Monica, Jordin Sparks, Rita Wilson & Sara Evans
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#8 Count Intro - Restart on Wall 5 after 32 counts

[01 - 08]: Side, Back, Back Sweep, Behind, Side, Cross, ½ turn, Cross, Shoulder Roll
1-2Step right to right, step left back
Arms: Raise both arms up to shoulder level, palms in
3Step right back sweeping left from front to back
Arms: Take both arms out to the side
4&5Step left behind right, step right to right, cross left over right
6&Step right making ¼ turn left, step left to left making ¼ left 6:00)
7-8Cross right over left pushing right shoulder forward, rotate right shoulder back keep weight on right

[09 - 16]: Out Out, Hold, Ball Weave, ¼ Step, Step ½ Pivot Step, 1&1/8 Turn Hitch
&1-2Step left to left, step right to right, hold transferring weight to left
Arms: Touch right hand to heart on count 1 (touch the Pink Ribbon)
&3&4Step right beside left, cross left over right, step right to right, step left behind right
&5Turn ¼ right step right forward, step left forward, (9:00)
6-7Pivot ½ right transferring weight onto right, step left forward (3:00)
8Full turn 11/8 left on left foot hitching right knee (1:30)
Easy option for count 8 is to turn 1/8 left on left foot sweeping right from back to front

[17 - 24]: Lunge, Recover, Back, Back Together, Bend, Straighten Up.
1-2Lunge right forward, recover weight onto left (1:30)
3-4&Step right back, step left back, step right beside left
5-6Bend both knees,
7-8Straighten both knees, rising onto toes.
Arms: Sweep arms from knees to the side continuing sweeping up and out ending like wings (Guardian Angel)

[25 - 32]: Step Step ½ Pivot Step, Full Turn, Syncopated Rocks
&1-2Step right forward, step left forward, pivot ½ right transferring weight onto right (7:30)
3-4&Step left forward, turn ½ left step right back, turn ½ left step left beside right (7:30)
5-6&Rock right forward, recover weight onto left, step right together
7-8&Rock left back, recover weight onto right, turn ⅛ right step left to left,
*** Restart here on Wall 5 - Turn ⅛ left step left to side on count 8& restart facing 6:00***

[33 - 40]: Side Sweep, Weave ¼ Turn, Step Pivot, Nightclub Basic, Nightclub Basic
1Step right behind left sweep left from front to back (9:00)
2&3Step left behind right, turn ¼ right step right forward, step left forward (12:00)
4&Step right forward, pivot ½ left transferring weight onto left (6:00)
5-6&Step right to right, rock left behind right, recover on right
7-8&Step left to left, rock right behind left, recover on left

Alison Johnstone -
Mark Furnell -

Last Update - 4 Nov. 2020. -R2

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! Lidia Ava October 28, 2020
Lovely line dance 😍❤️

June Cooper October 28, 2020
Love this beautiful song and beautiful dance .

alisonjo October 28, 2020
Thanks so much xx

571029 October 28, 2020
Love this beautiful dance and music, well done all xx

Dawniediddle October 28, 2020
Amazing 😍 x

alisonjo October 29, 2020
Thank you all so much for the kind words xx

ld1000 October 30, 2020
What a moving dance. Loved learning this with Mark and Chris on Streamline.

Go give it your vote on linedancer.

Dancing Bear November 2, 2020
Fabulous dance from the Boys & Alison - An award winning dance.

Selvin November 2, 2020

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