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We Can Go Slow

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Intermediate / Advanced
Klara Wallman (SWE) & Lina Hökdahl (SWE) - October 2020
Wild - John Legend & Gary Clark Jr. : (3:16)
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#8 counts intro.

Back step with sweep R L, weave L, back rock R, full turn L, run LRL
1-2Step back on RF sweeping LF from front to back (1), step back on LF sweeping RF from front to back.
3-a4-aCross RF behind LF (3), Step LF to L side (a) cross RF over LF (4), step LF to L (a)
Styling option: make the cross steps on the ball of your foot.
5-6-7Rock back on RF (5) (1.30) recover to LF (6), make a ½ turn L stepping back on RF, sweep L heel close to the floor for another ½ turn (7).
8&aTurn 1/8 run forward on L (8), turn 1/8 run froward on R (&), turn 1/8 run forward on L (a) (9.00)

Point, spiral turn R, Step & press R L R, recover, back, side, jazz box, cross
1-2Point R toe to R (1), make a 7/8 spiral turn R on LF (2) (7.30)
3-4-5Press RF forward and angle your body to L diagonal (3), Press LF forward and angle your body to R diagonal (4), Press RF forward and angle your body to L diagonal (5) (Travel forward on the press-steps).
a6-a7Recover on to LF (a), step back on RF (6), step LF to L (a) (6.00), cross RF over LF (7) (into jazz box)
8&aStep back on LF (8), step RF to R (&), cross LF over R (a).

Press and shoulder roll x3, behind, turn ¼, pivot ½, turn ¼, behind, back side cross
1-a2-a3-aPress RF to R diagonal and roll your R shoulder downwards (like if you're digging) (1) recover on to LF and roll R shoulder upwards (a) (7.30), repeat for count 2-a3-a.
4-a5-6Step back on RF (4), turn ¼ stepping LF forward (a) (3.00), step RF forward (5), make ½ turn L stepping forward on LF (6) (9.00).
a7Turn ¼ stepping RF to R (a) (6.00), step LF behind RF (7)
8&aTurn 1/8 stepping back on RF (8) (5.30), turn 1/8 stepping LF to L (&) (3.00), cross RF over LF (a).

Side, ½ turn, "Box turn" weave and sweep, cross, back ¼, back.
1-2Step LF to L (1), make a ½ turn R stepping RF next to LF and pop R knee (2).
3-4-5Turn ¼ R stepping LF to L (3) (12.00), turn ¼ R stepping RF to R (4) (3.00), turn ½ R stepping LF to L (5) (9.00).
6-a7Cross RF behind LF (6), step LF to L (a), Cross RF over LF and sweep LF back to front (7).
8&aCross LF over R (8), turn ¼ stepping back on RF (&) (6.00), step back on LF (a).

Start again!

Good luck and Enjoy!


catman October 31, 2020
Incredible choreography. Can't wait to learn this.

Pismo November 3, 2020
LOVE THIS DANCE! The choreography fits the music and hits all the breaks and isn't the same ole, same ole. This will be my first teach when classes resume. Excellent!

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