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Summer Groove

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Low Intermediate
Fred Whitehouse (IRE) - July 2020
All Summer Long (feat. Charlie Finch) - Connell Cruise
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Intro - 16 Counts

[1-8] Knee Twist, Weave, ¼ turn R, Switches x2
1,2Press RF to R side with R knee turned in, Twist R knee out
3&4Step RF behind L, step LF to L side, cross RF over L
5,6Step LF to L side, ¼ turn R stepping RF to R side (3.00)
7&8Touch LF to L side, close LF next to R, touch RF to R side

[9-16] Cross Walks x3, ¼ L x3, Sweeps x2 (or walks x2)
1,2Cross RF over L, step LF to L side
3,4Cross RF over L, ¼ turn L stepping LF forward (12.00)
5,6¼ turn L stepping RF back, ¼ turn L stepping LF forward (6.00)
7,8Step RF forward sweeping LF from back to front, step LF forward sweeping RF from back to front (option- 2 walks fwd)
(Restart during wall 2)

[17-24] Rock, Recover, Coaster Step, Pivot ½ Turn R, Shuffle
1,2Rock RF forward, recover onto LF (optional hands, raise hands like your under arrest on count 1)
3&4Step RF back, close LF next to R, step RF forward
5,6Step LF forward, pivot ½ turn R placing weight on RF
7&8Step LF slightly L diagonal, lock RF behind L, step LF forward

[25-32] Side, Behind, & Heel & Touch, Step, Look & Click, Run ¾ L,R,L
1,2&Step RF to R side, step LF behind R, step RF to R
3&4Touch L heel to L, step LF to L side, touch RF next to L
5,6Step RF to R side, touch LF to L side clicking fingers on count 6 (look to R side and click on count 6, helps you find the next wall we go to)
7&8Make ¾ Turn L running L,R,L (End facing 3.00)

(Happy Dancing Everyone  )

2020 5 NOV 4


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